Creating A Bespoke Act For Your Event

August 18, 2015

We often get asked to help enliven your event with a little more creativity—Something to add a certain je ne sais quoi that nobody else will have experienced at a corporate or private event before. This is no easy task but in this blog, we’ll take you through our process.

Step One – The Venue

 This is vital to working out what will work best for you. If your big extravaganza is being held in an ancient castle, then it will have different event requirements than that of an art gallery. Generally speaking, more modern venues are able to be hired for more ‘out there’ entertainment, which when you think about it, makes perfect sense. No palace in their right mind would permit a human cannonball to be lit within their gilded rooms. There’s also not enough space. But the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall? Well, you never know until you ask...

Step Two – The Theme

 Many companies like to have a theme for their corporate event. Sometimes it can be a very narrow period of history or a relatively, vague term such as ‘sparkle’ (hello, Mirror Man!) Naturally any specially created act will have to fit within the theme and not be too incongruous. But at the same time, if you really want something nobody has seen before, you have to think outside the box.   

Step Three – The Budget

 Obviously we can’t come up with a winning event without knowing the budget that we have to work with. Generally speaking, carefully created acts are more expensive than picking entertainment straight off the website (unless the performer you’re after has to fly in from Australia or something equally unfortunate for your purse strings), but what with the planning and designing, these things cost money. And we want it to be the best, don’t we?

Step Four – The Fun Bit

 Here it is, the fun bit! The actual creating of your bespoke act. Or maybe we should pluralise? Who knows how many brilliant acts we can come up with within the budget?! From circus acts to parkour, we love combining acts to create something truly different. Segway jousting to fit a medieval theme? We’ve done that. The Balanas Sisters and Acrofelipe combining at Banquet House to create something truly beautiful? We’ve done that too. From beatboxers combining with violinists to parkour troupes rushing about the Science Museum in LEDs, we’ve done it all and – as long as the venue doesn’t mind – we like to think as creatively as possible. So thinking caps on! Aerial silk artists dressed as polar explorers for Christmas? A fire-themed event in an aquarium? Create the unexpected! This act is going to be the most important part of your event.

Step Five – The Costumes

In order to fit the theme as best as possible, ensuring that the costumes are right for your event is vital. The LED freerunners worked because bright lights and tremendous athletes jumping around the Science Museum fit with the very cool nature of the venue. Likewise, our medieval characters at the Tower of London provided a beautifully immersive atmosphere despite the presence of a segway. Add a costume and a lance and guests were good to go! Incidentally, we always aim to cater to a client’s request; if certain colours or logos are needing to be incorporated then we can work with you on that as well to ensure a seamless experience.

Step Six – The Enjoyment

 ...And ultimately this is what it’s all about! The actual event taking place and seeing the party in all its glory. Whether it was ultimately combining freerunners and classical music or the superhoopers on stilts in your company colours, you’ll be sure to have a good time!

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By Henry Fosdike