Create Your Own Hollywood Wedding!

March 23, 2016

We live in a world that is obsessed by celebrity and glamour. Unfortunately for most of us, any idea of becoming a celebrity is just too far out of reach unless Star Wars decide to hold an open casting call for a hundred ‘average Joes’. But do not despair! On your wedding day, a day that is meant to be all about you, you can enhance the experience yet further and combine your desire to be a celeb with the day of your wedding. Or if that’s going too far, you can decide to only look into booking one of these fabulous entertainment acts.

Comedy Paparazzi

 Whilst waiting for the bride to arrive at the church or wedding venue – and my goodness, there are a whole host of gorgeous wedding venues around the UK – why not add something fun for your guests? With comedy paparazzi, everybody who arrives will be stopped for a picture with wonderfully over the top actors desperate for “just one more picture!”

Goodie Bags

 Anyone who is anyone doesn’t actually have to pay for the things they receive. As we all know from the numerous articles about the Oscars, the BAFTAs and other awards ceremonies, nominees are plied with gifts upon their arrival. Why not add this experience to your wedding day? Classic sweets in personalised bags or a chocolate lollipop or two (that features the names of the bride and groom)… Okay, so we admit it isn’t a free sampler of Chanel No. 5 but it’s a superb treat for your wedding guests. (And you know, if you want to chuck in Chanel No. 5 for everyone, that’s fine too.)

Magazine Photobooth

Photobooths can pretty much be programmed to deliver whatever you’d like. They’re great fun and often come with a load of props to play with. Let’s be honest, we’re all big kids at heart! For a Hollywood wedding though, we think all your guests should be splashed on the front cover of Vogue. Let their fabulous fashion tastes show! Naturally the headlines can be altered to whatever you desire during the Wedding Planning. We think ‘’All Photos from the Wedding of the Century’ has a nice ring to it.

Celebrity Lookalikes

 “Wait, was that..?” Yes, it was. “Woah, did you just see--?” Yes, I did. From David Beckham to Kim Kardashian, you can have the star studded wedding that you have always dreamed about. You could even hire Mr. Bean, though we think this might be asking for trouble! Hiring a celebrity lookalike for your wedding is great fun and if you pretend you’ve hire one more lookalike than you actually have, guests will never find them all but will have a brilliant time searching! Who hasn’t ever wanted the Queen to witness their wedding vows?

Wow Factor

 This is the final thing you need for your wedding. Just create something bespoke with the wow factor. Yes, we all you to create an entertainment act! If your budget won't stretch to that, maybe you can hire an amazing musician or combine your production, flowers and furniture into something incredible, for this is what will go above and beyond in giving you your very own day to remember. For what it’s worth, we think the combination of the Balanas Sisters and Acrofelipe at Banqueting House has the wow factor… So maybe this is what you need?

If you’re looking for one of these acts to book or are still searching for inspiration, why not check out the rest of our wedding blogs or get in contact to find out just how many variations of entertainment there are! We have a whole host of brilliant entertainment acts that we can’t hope to put them all on the website, so feel free to get in touch and we’ll put you on the right track!

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By Henry Fosdike