Top 5: Costumes for Corporate Events

April 15, 2013

Some entertainment speaks for itself; fantastic musicians or breathtaking circus performers don’t need anything to distract from their performances. Other acts, however, need just a little something to make them work at a corporate event – and that something is usually costumes. Costuming acts is a brilliant way of making an act fit a theme or a way to add an extra bit of quirkiness into proceedings.

Over the years we’ve dressed plenty of acts up as plenty of... things but we’ve always insisted that we get to try the costumes on in the office first – I’m currently dressed as an American Border Patrolman and have been for a number of hours. Because how can you expect a performer to be comfortable in a costume if you haven’t tried it on yourself?

And so, with a pair of handcuffs hanging from my belt and mirror shades perched on my nose, I thought we should maybe offer up our Top 5 Act Costumes for Corporate Events.

 The Explorers

With winter (probably) behind us, most event planners thoughts have moved to summer entertainment ideas and garden parties. But the thing about seasons is, they change and before we know it, we’ll be taking those coats and scarves out of storage, along with these guys. Our frost-bitten arctic explorers are an hilarious way to make the most of the colder months and fit perfectly into Winter Wonderland themes.

 Roman Pleb Band

It’s not just actors who get all the dress-up fun – it works just as well for musicians too. For the launch of ITV2’s Plebs a few weeks back, we provided background music in the shape of recent Sternberg Clarke additions The Watling Street Band but instead of letting them turn up in their usual garb – we did the sensible thing and dressed them as a trio of Roman peasants. In this case, the costumes were a great way to make a musical act fit with the theme of the event without changing much of their act.

 The Black Knight

Unlike some of the other costumes on this list, you can’t stick this full suit of armour on just anyone – dancers, for instance, are not only stifled by the limited range of movement, but also the noise. No, it takes a pro to step into this authentic suit of armour, which we thankfully have in our Black Knight who’s able to meet and greet guests at an event or pose for pictures with those brave enough to get close to a giant metal man holding a sword.

 Living Tables

Sometimes costumes aren’t just for themeing or decoration, sometimes costumes are practical. Take our Living Tables for instance, ever looked at someone and thought “man, I wish I could balance my drinks and or canapés on him/her for a bit”? Well now you can! And without any of the awkwardness that results from attempting to play Champagne Glass Guest Buckaroo at an event. Living tables are another brilliant way to theme event entertainment as well as present food or drink in an innovative way.

 Historical Figures

This last one’s a bit of a catch-all, but for events at famous historical venues, it’s often a nice touch to have a few famous historical figures there too. For example; Charles Darwin at the Natural History Museum or The Laughing Cavalier at the Wallace Collection. A bit of canny casting and costuming can bring famous figures back to life for the evening to act as tour guides or simply mix and mingle with guests. A great way to get the most out of a venue’s heritage.

For more information on booking costumed acts for corporate events or private functions, head over to our contact page.