Costumed Characters in Belgrave Square

June 28, 2012

 What do Sean Connery, Vivien Leigh, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Noel Coward and Alfred, Lord Tennyson have in Common? Browsing though these pictures from a recent outdoor corporate event, you’d be forgiven for answering ‘they all look remarkably good for their age/and or being dead’. In fact, all of those people lived, at some point or other in the Belgravia area of central London.

Our Noel Coward stands by his own private door, known as 'The Cowards Way Out' The area, widely recognised as Europe’s largest and best preserved Regency estate, serves as the base of operations for a wide range of businesses, institutions and embassies. For one such company, a recent corporate event offered an opportunity to celebrate the rich history of the area with a selection of the square’s most famous residents being brought to life by our troupe of costumed actors.

Our Thomas Cubitt gets into Character next to the Disembodied head of his close Friend Andrew 'Featureless Heartface' Billingsworth Joining the mix of writers, actors and musicians mentioned above was Thomas Cubitt who worked as master builder in the area and is commemorated with a statue and a nearby pub that bears his name. Paying close attention to each characters respective era, we were able to supply our actors with a variety of eye catching costumes as well as providing wigs and make-up where needed.

Scarlett O'Harand-make-up Once they were suitable coiffed and clothed, we released our pack of powder-wigged thesps into Belgrave Square Gardens where they regaled guests with facts about their historical alter egos and their time in the area. This turned out to be a fantastic way to celebrate a venue whilst also providing plenty of talking points for guests.  Vivien Leigh slipped into full blown Scarlet O’Hara mode alongside the dandy-ish Alfred, Lord Tennyson, a Flamboyant Sir Noël Coward and typically eccentric Mozart as they reminisced about their time spent in Belgravia.

Bond, about to be caught off guard by a particularly sneaky shrub As well as our costumed actors, we provided a professional James Bond look-alike for the event to link in the fact that 007 author Ian Fleming lived in the area along with iconic Bond actors Roger Moore and Sean Connery (to whom our Bond bears more than a passing resemblance). Armed with nothing but a Walther PPK (replica) and a Licence to Quip, our Dopple-Oh-Ganger took on his easiest mission yet, delighting guests with one-liners and raised eyebrows.

Take a look at some more pictures from the event below. 

Alfred Lord Tennyson sporting a little bit more of a beard than usual...

We tried to get someone to play Mozart's arch rival but couldn't afford his Salieri

Trick of the Eye or Tiny Alfred Lord Tennyson? You decide.

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