"Corporate Christi": Choral Music at the Natural History Museum

September 29, 2011



When it comes to Entertainment for an event, the iconic main hall of the Natural History Museum practically begs for something impressive. There's a reason why there's a Diplodocus skeleton stretching along the length of the room rather than a trilobite in a glass case - this is a space for big gestures and grand visions.

That's why, in the past we've had Marching Trumpet Fanfare's, troops of Grenadier Guards, teetering stilt walkers and unabashed odes to Britishness; in the Natural History Museum, "you mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger"...

Guests get settled in at the Natural History Museum

So for a recent event celebrating the retirement of a long serving employee from a well known bank, we pulled out all the stops to provide a choral performance that was designed to turn heads in a room with no shortage of head turning features (... like a giant Dinosaur skeleton.) Our act, The Corpus Christi Choir (Or the Corporate Christi Choir as some of us prefer to call them) performed a set of Renaissance Plainchants that reverberated around the cavernous venue producing a truly breath-taking sound. The Choir then moved into the music of Hubert Parry and some excerpts from "Carmina Burana" complete with a suitably grand gong to mark the climax of the performance with style.

Our Choir perfrom at the Natural History Museum

Choirs singing in cavernous halls filled with Dinosaur skeletons are all well and good, but without a good production team they'd be wasting their breath. So thankfully Fisher Productions were on hand to make sure the Corpus Christie Choir sounded their best as well as providing lighting to make the venue look even more impressive than it does in the daytime. Event organisers and caterers TableTalk provided food that jostled for guests’ attention with the choir and the dinosaur, and that's before you factor in the eye catching flower arrangements from Lavender Green.

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