Conor's Singer Pianist Auditions

November 22, 2013

What can you say about ‘New Guy’ Conor? He’s the kind of guy who - when asked to write a blog on the Singer Pianist Auditions he arranged last week – will give you more of a sort of bullet pointed info-sheet type document rather than a long article. Why did he do that? Is he on to something? Could that actually be a better way of presenting new auditions? Let’s find out...

 Name: Sarah Kershaw

Skill Set: Singer/Pianist/Composer

About Her: Bubbly and confident. Having performed at weddings, corporate events, and residencies, Sarah is extremely versatile. It is also fair to say she is very well adept in possessing musical talent; being a composer, singer, and a pianist all rolled into one.

Songs Performed: Fairground Attraction – Perfect and Sinead O’Connor – Nothing compares 2 u.

 Name: Ross Power

Skill Set: Singer/Pianist/Producer/Composer

About Him: Charismatic, humorous and talented. Some people in life are just plain talented, others have the gift of the gab, few have both and Ross is one of them.   

Songs Performed: Oasis – Wonderwall, Marc Cohn – Walking in Memphis, and Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire.

 Name: Nina Schofield

Skill Set: Singer/Pianist/Songwriter

About Her: Lovely voice, lots of range. Has worked with many famous musicians before such as Paul McCartney, Ray Charles, Mariah Carey, and many others. Being an avid songwriter it might not be too long before we see and hear Nina more than we first anticipated.

Songs Performed: Kings of Leon – Use Somebody and her own originals.

 Name: Nathan Jarvis

Skill Set: Singer/Pianist

About Him: Nathan is the definition of phrase cool, calm and collected. Nathan’s experience was telling in his audition where he performed song after song.

Songs performed: The Killers – Somebody Told Me and Wilson Pickett/The Commitments – Mustang Sally.

Name: Rosie Bans

Skill Set: Singer/Pianist/Songwriter.

About Her: Born in Glasgow, Rosie currently lives in London. She brought with her a superfluous amount of confidence which reigned supreme during her audition. Her stunning voice and renditions of contemporary songs were all very impressive. Rosie is also fond of Ceilidh music which she is able to perform.

Songs Performed: Sam Sparro – Black & Gold, Estelle – American Boy, and Marvin Gaye – How

Welp, I think we can all agree that these last three blogs have been a complete waste of time - it's ok, I'll take over all future posts. I promise never to let anything like this happen again. It's ok... Shhhhh... here - I'll even do my usual sign off, just like old times. 

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