Comedy Month - The Sternberg Clarke Comedy Month Awards

February 27, 2015

As comedy month comes to an end, we thought we’d put together a mini-awards do from within the office of the various acts we enjoyed over the past month! ‘Tis the season after all. There were certainly some great acts but there could of course be only one winner in each category. Who will take the much-coveted Must See Act award?

You’ve enjoyed the BAFTAs and admired the Oscars, but now it is time for the one they all want. Without further ado, we present quite wonderfully named Sternberg Clarke Comedy Month Online Awards (or the Teehees)! 


The first award to be...err...awarded is for Best Newcomer! After much consideration and laughter, we are proud to announce that the winner of the very first SCCMOA (we can work on a better acronym for next year) is...


  A natural performer with an incredibly easy stage presence, Baptiste is a pleasure to watch so do look out for him on the comedy circuit.


Next up, we have the Best Comedy/Cabaret Act. A difficult award to win but one that we feel – after much discussion – could only really go to one man. Drum roll please... Many congratulations to...


 This coveted award goes to the humpbacked clowning character ‘The Herbert’, alter-ego of the superbly talented BAFTA-nominated Spencer Jones. Or ‘Teehee-winning Spencer Jones' as he’ll no doubt be known from this day forward. He provides brilliant physical theatre and frankly, it's comedy gold.


Well done, Spencer. Just five awards left and we can feel the anticipation building in the blogosphere. The next award goes to the Best International Act. After his much-loved performance this month in London, it could only go to one man...


 Yes, huge in Germany but unknown (and apparently unpronounceable) in the UK, Mittermeier’s witty repartee and political comedy went down a storm at the Soho Theatre. (Mitt-er-my-a, by the way. If that helps.)


Almost halfway through now and what do we have next? Ah yes, the Best Newcomer (Host) award. He’d have been a great choice should this awards show have progressed from its digital form but alas... Regardless, the winner is...


 If you’re looking for fresh new talent and a brilliant hosting style then look no further than Jack Rooke, who cut his teeth at the Roundhouse, Bestival Guardian Literary Tent and Radio 1. Well done, Jack!


Jack may well go onto win this award next year – The Best Host of Comedy February. Only available for one month a year (to be fair, that’s the same as all of these awards), this goes to a host whom we really, really enjoyed during our jaunt into the world of comedy over the past four weeks. There could be only one winner and that winner is...


 Photo by Andy Hollingsworth

Congratulations Suzi! Hands down the best host/MC that we witnessed during this mighty month of comedy, Ruffell’s amusing and chatty interludes left the audience in stitches and to be honest, we sometimes wished we’d received a full set. Just brilliant.


Our penultimate award is the Sternberg Clarke Corporate Favourite Award. Yes, this is the one which goes to an act who is more than willing to not only attend corporate events but to nail them as well. It goes to...


 Hired for a large corporate gig recently, Hal continued to impress in this regard and received huge laughs from the crowd for his performance. Well done, Hal.


So this is it. The final award of this blog. What memories we’ve made and what a wonderful few paragraphs it has been. This is the big one. The one they all want or at least would want should they know it existed. The winner of Must See Act (which we really should rename Best Comedy Act but ah well, it’s too late for the delete button now) is...


 Photo by Andy Hollingsworth 

Yes! Fantastic effort all round. Joe is a refreshingly brilliant stand-up; current, mischievious and providing just a hint of Kenneth Williams within his persona, he was an obvious choice in a packed field.

So there we have it. The conclusion of the inaugural SCCMOAs. Thank-you so much for reading and to the acts, our hearty congratulations once again. This has been Comedy Month and we look forward to Circus Month starting in March. That’s all from us until next time. Good day! 



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By Henry Fosdike