Comedy Month - Review of David Mills @ Soho Theatre

February 16, 2015

Last week, we took a trip along to the Soho Theatre to watch David Mills in his current show, Don’t Get Any Ideas, with music provided by The Memes. 

Honestly, the rumours are true. If you want to escape your troubles then there’s nothing better than hearing about the problems and strife suffered by a comedian in their everyday life. 


David is a sharp American stand-up comedian delivering his opinions and thoughts on a number of topics throughout the night including wonderfully toying with themes of inverted prejudice; a bit on ‘why a white guy can’t get a haircut at midnight’ perhaps being our favourite example. His comedy is sarcastic and plays into areas in which we can all relate – another segment that went down well with the crowd focused on Brighton’s culture – and it’s no surprise that he is a big hit on the London cabaret circuit with an accompanying band breaking up the show into various parts.

If there’s one criticism here, it’s that the show didn’t appear to have much of an over-arching theme; a little more structure would have been nice. Although very good, the music appeared to be a construct to compartmentalise the set-pieces but it didn’t feel necessary - watching a comedian go after a somewhat menial target with absolute ferocity is beautiful and hilarious to witness with or without a musical interlude and it is in these areas that David Mills excels.

Having said that, the accompanying band do help to distance David Mills from other acts and we came away not only feeling that we had seen into David’s psyche with some superb observational humour but also acknowledging that the style felt very similar to a combination of old-school American stand-up circuit intertwined with cabaret. And truthfully, that’s no bad thing at all. 






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