Comedy in the Orangery: Michael McIntyre at Kensington Palace

September 20, 2011



Working in entertainment often means unearthing hidden cabaret gems or discovering new Jazz bands but at Sternberg Clarke, we often have the opportunity to work with more established acts and the act in question today is as established as they come.

Michael McIntyre and DJ Matt sadly not combining to create Organic Jam spin off 'Comedic Jam'

For a recent birthday party in the Orangery at Kensington Palace, our client had booked Stand Up Comedian Michael McIntyre to perform a short set as part of the evening's entertainment (also supplied by Sternberg Clarke. McIntyre's meteoric rise to fame over the last few years has seen him perform on everything from Panel shows to his own Comedy Roadshow on which he displays an almost 'Sternberg Clarkian' passion for giving exposure to up and coming acts - so we were as excited to be working with him as the birthday girl, if that's at all possible.

Michael McIntyre delights guests in the Orangery at Kensington Palace

McIntyre has become a household name thanks to his quick wit and affable stage presence that makes even the largest venue feel as intimate as the smallest comedy club - and these qualities were brought to the fore during his side-splitting performance at Kensington Palace. McIntyre switched between charming audience patter and his trademark brand of sharp observational comedy with all of the effervescent energy and joy that you'd expect from his TV performances.

Michael's Impromptu Dance Routine with the Birthday Girl may undermine his authority as a BGT Judge

What was most impressive about Michael McIntyre was his willingness to get involved with the event; staying around after his performance to join the birthday girl on stage for an impromptu dance and even engaging in some good natured banter with our DJ Matt who performed into the night for the thrilled party-goers.

Corelli String Quartet get a chance to play alongside "World's Goldest Door"

Earlier in the evening, we'd also provided our ever reliable sting quartet Corelli who welcomed guests into the Kensington Palace with a tasteful set that elegantly complimented the beautiful surrounds of the venue.

Though it was Michael McIntyre's set that had everyone talking before the event, what really made the event such a success was McIntyre himself whose enthusiasm and warmth no doubt made this a birthday that no one in attendance would ever forget.

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