Review - Clever Peter at the Soho Theatre

November 28, 2011



Following on from their stunning performance at Sternberg Clarke’s inaugural Comedy Showcase, we were looking forward to the chance to the chance to see Clever Peter perform a full show, so when we found out they were doing a full hour at the Soho Theatre, a few adoring Sternberg Clarke team members jumped at the chance to check them out in their natural habitat.

Clad in their trademark primary coloured jumpers, the trio expertly worked their way through a brilliant collection of short sketches, each notable for sterling individual performances and smartly observed satires on the pains of everyday human interaction. The trio take the audience on a journey from playful, light-hearted horseplay through to the depths of harrowing, midnight reflections and it is this interplay between the two extremes that makes them such an intriguing live act.

Clever Peter approach the everyday concerns of the modern person with the same wit, ingenuity and enthusiasm that they display when dealing with the genuinely bizarre - often seamlessly shifting between the two in a matter of seconds. One sketch sees a commuter member boil over with frustration; ripping a railing from an imagined Tube Train to engage his fellow passengers in a Matrix inspired slo-mo showdown.

Ever walked home at night worried the girl in front of you thinks you’re following her? Ever walked home at night worried the man behind you is following you? Ever had an urban fox step in to assuage your fears and act as a slightly brusque matchmaker? Clearly Clever Peter have.

Their onstage warmth serves to break down the barrier between act and audience and though each sketch only lasted a matter of minutes; the crowd rooted for each character, livening the intimate atmosphere in the theatre. The script is so brilliantly written that an hour flies by upsettingly quickly, but with a Radio 4 sketch show due to hit the airwaves in early 2012, we won't have to wait long for more material from these be-sweatered sketch heroes. Don’t be surprised to see this irrepressible comedy troupe work their way into plenty of events over the next year - we're certainly looking forward to working with them again, if only to get a chance to see them for 'work'

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