Clever Peter - Q&A

November 04, 2011



Comedy Month seems like... oooh, 5 days ago. We've moved on - deal with it. But in the aftermath of the funniest month ever (citation needed) there were still a few comedic loose ends to be tied up - one of them being comedy Sketch Troupe, Clever Peter.

Having gone down a storm at last month's Comedy Showcase, we thought it only proper to chase down the members of Clever Peter (Rich, Ed, Will and Dom) to ask them a few questions about their act, corporate events and what generally makes them laugh.

Hi guys, how was the Comedy Showcase for You?

It was really fun! It’s always nice to perform in-front of a warm and giving audience...

Were there any other acts on the bill that you particularly enjoyed?

Jay Foreman was excellent...we know him from the comedy circuit and had high expectations, which of course he rose to.

How would you describe your act to someone who isn’t familiar with you?

Original, fast-paced, energetic and very funny sketches about Women, Men and Life.

Where did the name come from?

It was a dark and stormy night in a cattle shed outside of Moscow. As we huddled round the fire for warmth, a local salt-peddler stumbled in, hoarsely whispered ‘Clever Peter’ and died of exposure...the rest, as they say, is history.

The truth is very boring, so we’ll leave it at that.

When it comes to the positioning of poles, Clever Peter are in Pole Position... if you wanted funny, you should have watched their video.

Are there any other acts doing sketch comedy out there that you’d recommend people check out?

Beta-males are a bunch of very smart and funny guys, McNeil and Pamphilon are a rising double act and very enjoyable and Pappy’s are always funny live! if you haven’t seen any of these acts go check them out, you won’t regret it.

As an act that is relatively new to Corporate Events, how do you think you’ll approach corporate gigs differently from your usual performances?

We write all our own material so would tailor our set to create that personal, unique event for the Client.

What do you think makes your act a good option for Comedy at Corporate Gigs?

Consistently funny, big laughs, universal comedy that’s crammed with so many ideas there’s something for everyone. If you don’t laugh out loud at one sketch, the next one will get you. Also it offers something a bit different to your average stand-up routine.

Clever Peter are always able to Outfox the rest of the acts on any bill. Unless one of the other acts has a sketch that involves an urban fox. Then it comes down to who has the best mask.

There’s a lot of (pretty inspired) physical humour in a number of your sketches, how have you found making the transition to radio comedy for your upcoming Radio 4 show?

It’s both restraining and liberating. Though we can create a vast world of sounds and take our audience to places we couldn’t on stage, we’ve replaced a lot of our physical humour with jokes. It’s certainly helped us grow as writers and the experience has been amazing. The show comes out Next year, it’s called ‘Strap in – It’s Clever Peter!’ so check it out for yourself!


Who’s your comedy hero?

Rich – Peter Cook
Ed – Paul Whitehouse
Will – Eddie Izzard
Dom – Chris Morris

And finally what’s your favourite Funny Song?

Rich – ‘Not Perfect’ by Tim Minchin
Ed – ‘Inner-City Pressure’ by Flight of the Conchords
Will – ‘Lullaby’ by Stephen Lynch
Dom – ‘Mystery’ by Hugh Laurie

 Thanks Guys!

 For more information on Clever Peter or any of the acts featured in our Comedy Showcase last month; get in touch through our contact section