Classical Month - Classical Music with a Twist

April 09, 2015

There’s something inherently classy about classical music. Be it Elgar, Bach or even your mate Jim’s own composition, classical music is often the one that people think is a little high brow, a little well to-do for their casual event where most people will be walking about in jeans. But don’t let that put you off. Classical music need not be ‘posh’ or put off your guests because these acts like to make things a little different!

Fire Tuba

 Yes, you read that correctly. What can make the booming sound of a tuba even better? Well okay, it may not affect the sound but it does affect the visuals. Yes, fire. In true Ronseal-esque fashion, a Fire Tuba does exactly what it says on the tin. It may not be able to be played quite as long as a normal tuba, but it more than livens up this classic musical act for your guests. Plus, if a monster turns up and one of your guests yells, “Argh! Kill it with fire!” then you’re good to go.

Organic Jam

 This is the perfect act for an event or wedding where those in charge can’t decide between a DJ or some classical music. Your prayers have been answered because Organic Jam seamlessly combine the two! The DJ plays some ambient chillout music, which is then accompanied by as many musicians as required. The act is a huge hit at corporate events and has played at the Sky Garden, the Andaz and Christie’s auction room.


 Classical music played with instruments older than your great grandfather is all well and good for the right event, but perhaps you want to give your party a modern twist. To do so, hire an extremely talented string quartet like Stellini, who play through their repertoire on state of the art, electric instruments. Not only can you enjoy their music - which comprises soothing classical compositions from Mozart and Bach to more unexpected tunes from Led Zeppelin and the Doors - but you could also talk to them about working with Elton John, Take That  and Massive Attack, to name but a few.


 Harps are extremely popular as background music at a whole host of events but sometimes one won’t do. Sometimes two won’t do. Three? Nope. But four? Yes, yes, yes! And not only that but Swift provide a combination of classical tunes with delicately plucked folk music. One harp is visually impressive anyway but with four, you’re really getting something special.


 Every guest at your private event will be familiar with the violin or trumpet but how many have ever seen the sitar being performed live? Mehboob comes from a highly illustrious family of traditional musicians and is world renowned for his ability on the sitar. He can count the Queen and Prince Charles among the various people who have seen him in action and would undoubtedly go down brilliantly at your event.

Of course, if after all this you’d rather have some other type of band or classical music act then that’s fine too. It all depends on your event!


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By Henry Fosdike