Classic Wedding Entertainment Choices for 2018

January 10, 2018

harpist, Isabella

You’re engaged! Congratulations from all of us here at Sternberg Clarke. Whether it was a recent proposal over the Christmas and New Year break or you’ve been engaged for a little longer, you might be pondering your entertainment options and looking for something traditional and classic for your ceremony. Not a problem, here are the top 5 most popular wedding entertainment choices.


If you are looking to get married in a church – and wedding ceremonies are still very popular in churches despite what you may have read – then booking an organ player for your big day is a no brainer! With almost double the number of keys than a piano, the organ gives off a deep sound that is unlike any other instrument around. An organist is highly recommended if you’re looking to go for the most traditional music option at your wedding.


 Another traditional option for a wedding is a pianist, which come in two forms: a classical pianist or a singer-pianist, who offers a slightly more contemporary repertoire. That’s not to say that a classical pianist can’t play more modern tunes, but a singer-pianist isn’t likely to sing along to Pachelbel’s canon because, well, there aren’t any lyrics. Perfect for the drinks reception or playing in the bride as she walks down the aisle, a pianist is a must. Oh and if the venue doesn’t have a piano, then please don’t worry! We can book a grand piano for your venue if required.


 There’s no other wedding music that sounds as elegant or as beautiful as a harp. This gorgeous stringed instrument performs like no other when it comes to setting the tone of an event and if you’re looking for a classic wedding with a focus on the traditional, then we can’t think of anything better. We have a multitude of talented harpists on our books so if you’re looking to hire a harpist for a wedding, look no further.


 Booking a guitarist for a wedding is an interesting option because there are so many types available. By ‘types’ we don’t simply mean a guitarist or singer-guitarist (though those are two differences!); what we mean is that there are so many different options when it comes to the repertoire being played. From music with a Latin flavour to Spanish guitar or classical guitar, it really depends on the bride and groom as to what’s played. Not too sure? Why not hire a guitarist to play a couple of different styles over the course of your wedding?

String Quartet

 A summer wedding is often associated with a string quartet because hey, what looks better at an al fresco wedding than a string quartet? There’s something about the sight of four musicians playing as the bride walks down the aisle that stirs something deeply in all of us. Able to play a repertoire that spans centuries, string quartets can also often learn a song that is of sentimental value to the couple. At a wedding we attended last year, we enjoyed hearing a number of Disney classics during the drinks reception!

There are of course many more options for a classic wedding including booking a function band or a DJ. But that’s for another blog!

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By Henry Fosdike