Circus Party @ Purley, Surrey

September 17, 2019

When we ordinarily talk about private parties it tends to mean booking a guitarist to play at a wedding or perhaps a harpist to play at an anniversary. Something that is generally small and intimate or a wedding reception at a sumptuous venue. What we certainly don’t normally mean is an epic circus at somebody’s home where the entire back garden is transformed into a circus wonderland complete with marquee! Talk about epic. All of the incredible photos were taken by Cristina Rossi Photography.

 As you can see from the photos, we first had the Jesters in attendance to delight guests with a few ambient sets at the beginning of the evening celebrations. This was a 50th birthday to remember and we think they certainly set the tone by lolloping about in front of the house to meet and greet attendees as they arrived. Oh yes, this was not going to be just any 50th birthday celebration!

  As guests made their way round to the back of the house, they were to find a couple of acro-jugglers casually tossing pins, hoops and much more besides. If the banner and jesters hadn’t got people on board with the circus theme yet, then surely they had to be on board now, especially when faced with the giant Big Top marquee over the patio. Admittedly it was hard for guests not to be in on the theme considering everybody looks like they dressed up for the occasion. The costumes were sensational throughout the day!

 Past the jesters and jugglers, guests could also have their fortune told by a fortune teller and take in the sight of Luna, our incredible aerial hoop performer on her rotating stand. 2019 certainly seems to have been the year of this incredible circus act because when people have got in touch to book circus entertainment in London, invariably they are taken in by the majestic photos from the Wallace Collection and the Natural History Museum (in its moon form) and simply fall in love with the possibilities. It is definitely a sight to behold in person!

    How best to end the night? The answer is of course with a headline act inside the Big Top. When guests were all settled, they were treated to the stars of the show, a troupe of circus performers whom have sold out an entire run at the Edinburgh Fringe and appeared all over the world. Yes, we are talking about BMT! Their awe-inspiring show thrilled the crowd at the circus in Purley and when all was said and done, it was a spectacular occasion and a notable way to celebrate a 50th birthday party.


 Ordinarily in these blogs we say that we cannot wait to return for more exciting entertainment at the venue but given this was a private residence, that might be a tad optimistic. Suffice it to say though that we’ll be ready and waiting for the call in ten years’ time!



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By Henry Fosdike