Circus Month: We Pledge Allegiance to Flagman

November 04, 2011



As part of Circus Month, we're flying the flag for Circus acts at Corporate Events this month and who better to help us than a man who... is a flag. Canadian Dominic Lacasse is the world record holder for both time in the "human flag" position (39 seconds) and also for "Most Pull Ups from the Human Flag Position" (12) - anyone who's ever struggled with a regular pull up will find no comfort in the sight of Dominic waving proudly in the breeze as he effortlessly glides back and forth whilst maintaining a perfect 90 degree angle with his trusty pole.But that's probably the point.

But impressive as Dominic's world record attempts undoubtedly are, they're hardly the stuff that Corporate Event Entertainment is made of - If I wanted to see muscle bound adonises performing depressingly incredible feats of human endurance... why, I'd wait till the Olympics this summer. Thankfully Flagman's circus cabaret stage show is full of gravity defying showmanship with elements of dance, acrobalance and good old fashioned spectacle.

Confession time - we just take pictures of a man holding a pole and flip them sideways - no one finds out till the event which is, admittedly, a little awkward.

A Quebec native, Dominic began his current acrobatic career after seven years of gymnastics and 14 years of circus performance. He was chosen to represent the flag of his homeland in Quebec's quadricentennary celebrations and has since toured the globe wowing audiences with his astonishing human flag routine.

Brilliant as a showstopping piece of spectacle for a large scale event or as part of a larger menu of entertainment over the course of an evening; Flagman's show has been causing gasps all over the world for years and even attracted the attention of Vaseline for a recent advertising campaign. Flagman has performed on TV shows such as The Ellen Degeneres Show, Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde, La France a un incroyable talent (France has incredible talent) and the Guinness World Records™ show where he set his current record for longest time in the human flag position in 2007 - narrowly beating Adam Sternberg's best time by 38 seconds.

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