Circus Month: The Hoops and Dreams of Pippa the Ripper

November 07, 2011



Simon Cowell's Britain's Got Talent juggernaut has a mixed reputation when it comes to uncovering new acts, some contestants sink into obscurity or return to their office jobs having had their 15 minutes - others go on to bigger and better things like 2009's winners Spelbound who went on to work with us - something not even SuBo has managed thus far. But one performer runs rings around the competition; she also runs rings around herself because that's her act (They call them "hoops" in the business but the point still stands.)

Hoop artiste Pippa the Ripper has been wowing the event industry long before taking on the BGT judging panel, with a dizzying show that sees her spin multiple hoops around herself, all performed to an energetic backing track. Pippa's background in musical theatre and degree in circus arts have given her a charming, effervescent stage presence as well as the ability to keep grinning when her entire body is engulfed in a flurry of swirling metal hoops.

Pippa shares her hoops and dr... hold on, I've used that one.

While there are plenty of hoop artists out there, what sets Pippa apart from similar performers is the sheer number of hoops she performs with. Starting with a manageable 3 or 4, Pippa keeps upping the ante until the number of hoops in her orbit becomes, quite frankly, ridiculous. It's not all about numbers though; before her many-hooped climax, Pippa shows off every trick in the hoop dance book (and a few that aren't) with rings looping round her arms, legs, waist and neck as she shimmies and shakes through her routine.

When asked for her favourite band, Pippa asnwered "The Who...p"

With the Olympics on the horizon, we've already had a number of enquiries for Hoop based Circus acts for obvious reasons - a few well-chosen coloured hoops and you have an instantly recognisable take on the iconic Olympic logo that reinforces the theme of 'people doing incredible things' that's so important at Olympic events. Pippa also performs an electrifying show with glowing, coloured hoops that's brilliant for a modern take on circus acts in the style of 'Cirque Du Soleil' shows of the last few years.

For more information on Pippa or any of our other Circus acts, get in touch through our contact section.