Circus Month: Ribbon Dancing, Contortion and Acrobalance in "The Box"

November 02, 2011



As part of Circus Month, we'll be featuring some of our most surprising, attention grabbing and visually stimulating Corporate Entertainment acts throughout the month of November. A recent event in Monaco gave us the perfect opportunity to kick Circus Month off with a Bang... or perhaps it's more of a creak, then perhaps a slam as the lid opens and closes on our most enigmatically named act "The Box".

 The Box Opens to Reveal a Ribbon Dancer

The event in question took place at the palatial Hotel De Paris in Monte Carlo where guests had gathered for a 60th Birthday Party. Having had time to take in the lush, gold leaf decor of the boutique banqueting venue the Salle Empire, the guests turned their attention to the stage and the gleaming white box in the centre of it.

 Our Ribbon Dancer wows guests in Monte Carlo
Clients often come to us asking for something unexpected as part of their evening's entertainment and "The Box" is as unexpected as they come. The show starts with a simple white box, background music builds until the lid of the box opens and a beautiful costumed dancer emerges from within. Guests are first treated to a choreographed ribbon dancing performance set to a high-energy backing track.

Our Gold Costumed Performers join forces on stage in Monaco

Now, a dancer in a box isn't entirely unexpected. You see a man-sized white box wrapped in ribbon on a stage, chances are there's going to be someone in it. What comes next is less expected - another performer emerges from the box, having hidden in there from the beginning and the performance shifts from Ribbon Dancing to Contortion and Acrobalance. The two performers rhythmically twist and contort themselves into seemingly impossible shapes in an arresting display of poise and control.

An astonishing display of strength and balance from our Contortionist Pair

Guests were, obviously, wowed by the show which proved to be a fitting complement to the breath-taking interior of the venue - the gold and black costumes that the girls wore in particular worked extremely well with the decor of the room. The Box is a great example of how circus themed entertainment can work at any event regardless of the venue requirements - as an entirely floor-based show, the Box requires no trussing or rigging and doesn't require a high height clearance in the room. Brilliant for low ceilinged venues or places where rigging/trussing simply isn't an option.

Our artists take a moment to stretch before being placed back in the box for transport back to the UK. Don't worry, they have air holes... look.

For more information on "The Box" or any of our other Circus Performers - get in touch through our contact section. And keep an eye on the blog throughout November for more of the best in Circus entertainment for Corporate Events and Weddings.