Circus Month - How to Juggle

March 23, 2015

Do you ever find that you want to carry three things at once but only have two hands? Yes? Of course you do. It’s a problem we all face. Day in, day out there’s always a stupid third item that needs to be carried as well as those two other things. You couldn’t possibly make two trips either. There’s only one solution! (Aside from a car or a bigger bag, etc. but let’s not get distracted...)

So you want to learn how to juggle, eh? Rather than juggling shopping bags, which might be useful in some way in the future (perhaps), Sternberg Clarke are here to help you learn how to juggle some juggling balls. The clue is in the name really. Just like in our previous blog on learning to unicycle, you’ll first have to invest in the right equipment. Or a different way to spend your time. But let’s pretend it’s the equipment which you plump for.

For a good set of juggling balls, you’re looking at a spend of around £10. You could spend less but come on, if you’re wanting to be the best, you have to work with the best. And that means spending £10. Once you’ve got the balls out of their packaging, you’re pretty much ready to go. Grab a flannel, wipe the nervous sweat from your brow and get juggling!

 Unless you’re a natural, one or more of the balls will quickly fall to the floor, which is probably what led to you finding this guide. So this is how you get past that stage (after many, many more failed attempts). The first thing you need to do is chuck one ball away for now but make sure the dog doesn’t take it as its new toy. You’ll be needing it later. With the remaining two balls, hold one in each hand and throw the one in your dominant hand over to your less confident hand. Just before that ball lands, throw the other one you’re holding back. Voila! The balls have changed position. Keep practicing this until it feels natural. When in the air, the balls should ideally be level with your eyes. More on that later.

Yes, it’s third ball time. Brace yourself for things are about to get a lot harder. Although saying that, if you practised enough with two balls then, this is merely an extension of that. Hold two balls in the dominant hand and one in the other. Throw one ball from the dominant hand over to the subordinate hand. Just before the ball lands, throw the subordinate ball in the other direction. Before that lands, release your third ball and so on and so forth and oh my goodness—You’re doing it! You’re juggli—Oh. They fell to the floor again, didn’t they?

If at first you don’t succeed then feel free to give up. But you won’t feel good about it because you’ve got a £10 investment going here. You invested in your future and it would be foolish to give up at this stage. So pick up the balls and try, try, try again. Eventually you’ll find a juggling rhythm and that’s the point where you should congratulate yourself on a job well done. Now why not try and combine this skill with our unicycling tutorial? No? Well, probably for the best. Happy juggling!



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By Henry Fosdike