Circus Month - Globally Wanted @ Jacksons Lane Theatre

March 25, 2015

Yes, circus month continues, this time with Globally Wanted at Jacksons Lane Theatre. Globally Wanted is Finnish company, Circus Uusi Maailma's first time in London and this Jacksons Lane show was the UK premiere. The show describes itself as sex, love and violence in black, pink and turquoise.
This circus is intriguing right from the off - a twisted, mystical tribe have gathered in a black fortress. As music - specially composed for the performace - takes over and the family reunion goes awry, the end result is shattered minds and damaged bodies. But who are these people? What do they need? The iron cube on the stage is a small mansion, a family home for the strange characters and it fills with vulnerability and violence. Ultimately, Globally Wanted is a performance of absurd happenings told through circus, acrobatics, parkour, physical theatre and an ingenious design
The show was certainly nothing like anything we have seen before. Often we were quite confused as to what was going on, however it appeared that this is something that the performers are trying to achieve to force you to reflect upon what you are seeing. The fragile and sensitive creatures test each other one by one, physically and mentally, to find their perfect match. The tests include sensitive psychological self-testing with different acrobatic devices, and on the other hand, violent and sexual actions towards others: moon walk dancing, singing bad opera, tickling, climbing, spinning, hanging, kissing... The more they try to find new ways to exist, the more they are tied to their home. At times the violence was quite shocking as the artists spat into each other’s faces and kicking one another is “sensitive areas”. The sexual elements of the performance were at times verging on the grotesque, but that is what it was trying to convey; it is normal to be different. 
From shocking, to grotesque to impressive to simply confusing, this show had it all. 
For more information about the show, please click here

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By Laura Copeman