Circus Month: Aerial Hoop

November 03, 2011



As we vault, backflip and tumble elegantly through Circus Month, we'll be featuring some of our favourite Circus acts for Corporate Event Entertainment. In this post, we'll be focussing on a hugely popular act that we've utilised in a number of different ways over the past few years; the Aerial Hoop.

Aerialist Rosie performs at the famous Circus Space

One of the big appeals of Circus entertainment is that many Circus performers can introduce a level of verticality into event entertainment - much as we love, say, The Dixie Ticklers or Kevin Fitzsimmons, their feet remain defiantly rooted to the floor throughout their performances. Circus acts are a smart way to fully utilise the space of a venue or capitalise on the freedom afforded by outdoor events – whether that’s juggling, freerunners or one of our acrobatic Aerial performers.

We don't tell our Aerial Hoop girls if they've got the job straight away - we like to leave them hanging.

Aerial acts can draw attention above eye level, perhaps drawing the guest's gaze towards the architecture of a venue or some other focal point. The sensation that things are taking place on different 'levels' is a great way to build excitement at an event and an especially good way to greet guests at an event. 

Our aerial hoop artistes can be used as a gripping stage show or as an unobtrusive 'hangabout' act while guests enjoy drinks or canapés. In the video above, ‘aerialist’ Rosie performs a display inspired by the story of Cinderella, but the show could be altered to fit any number of themes or motifs.  In the past, we've had more than one acrobat dangling from a single hoop and even used the hoop to display to announce dinner – makes a change from a gong… not that we don’t do that as well.

God Damn that Ben Lloyd Evans, he's good with a Camera.
There are plenty of exciting and unexpected ways in which the act can be used to create an elegant, sophisticated atmosphere – get in touch to discuss more ideas with aerial acts or find out how an Aerial Hoop could work at your next event.