Circus Entertainment @ Haymarket Hotel

February 17, 2020

It is circus month at Sternberg Clarke and what better way to celebrate than with sensational photos from a recent circus-themed event. Many circus themed parties these days focus on incorporating The Greatest Showman in some form but this amazing party at Haymarket Hotel made circus the focus and everybody had an incredible time as can be seen in these marvellous photos by Lucy Davenport.

  The events space at the Haymarket Hotel is certainly unique because it houses a swimming pool in the centre of the room. Many event planners might automatically think that this means the area is a ‘no go’ but we say ‘not so!’ As you can see from the photos, the amazing folks at Firmdale Events ensured a stunning party atmosphere by putting the circus entertainment literally on the water. At previous events we have seen a DJ booth placed over the pool so as long as you can imagine it, anything is possible.

 Our head honcho Adam Sternberg often talks about putting the entertainment front and centre at events. Think back to parties you’ve been to and one of the things you’ll most remember about the occasion is undoubtedly who played and for how long. Thankfully our entertainment was front and centre at this particular party with no less than three of acts impressing throughout the night.

    How best to ensure that guests were engaged early on? With a DJ and hula hooper of course! One of our Superhoopers was on hand to impress as they ran through what we call their ‘headline set’, which features a jaw dropping performance. Although they can also offer an ‘ambient set’; something for guests to watch as they enjoy a welcome drink, we felt that for this party, everything should be front and centre! The performance was absolutely brilliant and ten minutes went by in a flash.

  Next up we were delighted to be able to provide the always incredible Valerie with her Sphere Contortion. This has proven to be one of our most popular circus offerings over the years with performances at gorgeous venues including Banqueting House. As expected Valerie was as exceptional as ever and the audience adored her efforts as she performed a top the pool!

  Finally we were only too happy to offer something that seemed particularly daring – a roller skating performance on water! Not even Jesus would give that one a go. Our two retro roller skate girls swayed and danced in time to the music and as you can see from the photos, it was like taking a trip back in time! We must admit that we were nervous watching them but we needn’t have been worried; our two dancers are hugely experienced and delivered a phenomenal show.

    It truly was an evening of wonder and enjoyment at the Haymarket Hotel and pur huge thanks must go to the performers, the Firmdale events team and Lucy Davenport. A fabulous sparkling event to help kick off 2020 and we cannot wait to see what other events we’ll be involved with this year.


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By Henry Fosdike