Circus Entertainment and Organic Jam at the Langham Hotel

March 18, 2013

In the heat of the moment, it always seems like a good idea to book a cavalcade of fantastical, show stopping circus acts and musicians for a corporate function, but no one ever stops to think about the poor sap who has to write a rambling blog post recapping everything that was on show... sure, he doesn’t have to but otherwise, how would anyone know it happened? For a recent corporate event at the Langham Hotel, we pulled out all the stops with a veritable Circus Spectacular featuring a line-up of the best circus performers that London has to offer. *Deep breath*...

 Kicking things off were our pair of jugglers who took to the stage for a dextrous display of baton juggling which at one point, even involved an audience member. Our contortionist duo Serenity wowed guests, twisting themselves into all manner of knots and shapes with effortless ease and agility. Elsewhere, our ‘Bird of Paradise’ stilt walker enjoyed a bird’s eye view of the entertainment as she stalked around the venue interacting with guests.

 Wearing illuminated costumes chosen match the client’s company colours, two of our Optioscopes – or light dancers as they’re otherwise known – performed a swirling ribbon dance display before making way for our daring Escapologist who had guest’s hearts in their mouths as he was locked and tied into a straight jacket on stage before franticly wriggling his way out.

 Supplying a suitably chilled out soundtrack for the event were Sternberg Clarke stalwarts Organic Jam who performed throughout the evening with a fully fleshed out line up featuring DJ, Saxophone, Flamenco Guitar and Percussion. This expanded line up offers the versatility of a DJ mixed with the vibrant energy of a live band.

Take a look at some more pictures of the event below.


   If you’re planning on turning your next event into a night at the circus, or if you’re interested in any of the acts featured in today’s post, head to our contact page and get in touch for more information.