5 Ideas for your Cinderella Party

April 02, 2015

Yes, it’s finally here! The live action version of Cinderella finally arrives in cinemas today and to celebrate, we’ve put together a few acts you might like to consider should you find yourself pondering a Cinderella party over the next few months as a result. Perhaps you just adore the story and have done so for years or more likely, your child has seen the film, become obsessed with it and you are now pondering how to make it the best Cinderella party ever.

Well never fear for Sternberg Clarke is here as your all-knowing Fairy Godmother with some stellar Cinderella party ideas to thrill guests of all ages.

Costumed Characters

This is an obvious one but it needs saying. If the guests aren’t going to provide Prince Charming (and despite what Uncle Bob claims, his best years are behind him) then we can do so instead. Cinderella, Prince Charming, the Ugly Sisters—You name them and we can provide them. We can also provide bespoke costumes for your party, no idea too outlandish! Let’s bring this fairytale to life.

 Living Archways

Now we’re talking! We all know that Cinderella and other fairytales are all about the magic and what could be better than having a living entrance to your party? Giving the impressions of exquisitely beautiful figures floating in the air, this is an act that will blow your guests away. But why stop there with the magic theme? A suitably costumed magician will certainly be able to enhance the spells on offer.

 Animal Magic

If there’s one thing we know about events, it’s that animals always go down well no matter what the age of those involved. At your Cinderella party, young and old will be overjoyed to come over and see the animals. Who’s to say that they won’t transform when you least expect it? After all, there may be a rather exciting and glamorous ball to attend...

 Wandering Hands

...and at that ball, who better to perform than the wonderful Wandering Hands, a strolling acoustic trio who can perform any song at all. Put in requests for them to learn a song before your event and with a sprinkling of magic dust, it shall happen! From 5 Seconds of Summer to – well, why not a tune from Cinderella – they’ll be sure to leave your guests delighted.

 Glow Show

As the sun begins to set, even more fantastical entertainment can be provided. Spark! can entertain guests with their unique LED drums and costumes, whilst Glow Show will leave you entranced by their enchanting juggling display. Guests will be left feeling as though they’re in a fairytale and who could blame them?

 Obviously only one person can technically be Cinderella but by the time the clock strikes midnight and the party comes to an end, all will be left feeling as though they were the true Belle of the ball.


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By Henry Fosdike