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October 17, 2018

Some people want to get married in December because they absolutely love Christmas. When you’re marrying your loved one in December, it essentially means that you get to enjoy two Christmases that year so it’s clear to see why getting married around Christmas is a popular idea for some couples. With this in mind, we need to think about suitable Christmas wedding entertainment so here are a few ideas!

Snow Globe

The Snow Globe is a beautiful act that puts astonishingly talented acrobats inside an inflatable Snow Globe structure. Many are taken aback by the beauty of such an act and it’s clear to see why it is so popular for weddings during the Christmas period. It is quite simply a hugely picturesque entertainment act and fits in wonderfully at most venues. A true spectacle for all!


Carousel is similar to the Snow Globe but with circus performers showing off their skills from an immaculately designed revolving aerial rig. Amazingly the entire structure can be brought down in just five minutes meaning that if you are wanting it as a centrepiece for your reception, it can be deconstructed from the dance floor immediately after the performance leaving your guests to trip the light fantastic!

Living Christmas Trees

 Picture the scene: A snowy start to proceedings, guests arriving at your wedding venue, Christmas Trees perfectly placed either side of the main doors… And then they move! Living Christmas Trees don’t claim to be anything other than a bit of silliness at an event and we think they are guaranteed to have people smiling before they’ve even taken their seats. A wonderful idea, we highly recommend having the photographer situated nearby to snap the more hilarious reactions.

London Contemporary Voices

 Let’s be honest, when it comes to Christmas carols there is an image in your mind of slightly stuffy looking singers who insist on the songs being sang in the right key. Have no fear, music has moved on and there are a whole host of modern choirs about that know what entertainment is all about. Chief amongst them are London Contemporary Voices, a group that have sold out venues all across London. Highly recommended for your Christmas spectacular!

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By Henry Fosdike