Christmas Party Theme Ideas

October 16, 2018

Okay so it’s not really Christmas but we thought it might be fun to run through five Christmas themes that might help inspire you to work out your Christmas party this year. Let’s go!

Winter Wonderland

 Undoubtedly one of the easiest themes to pull off because of its vague nature, a Winter Wonderland theme need only have a few snowflakes around your venue for everybody to agree that you pulled it off. But why stop there? One can costume each and every act that you decide to book into wintery gear and we highly recommend a Chillusionist to complete the effect! Your theme will chill and your party will thrill.


 Who else wanted to take a trip to Narnia as a child? With our entertainment it’s possible to do so because you just have to set up a screen at the entrance of your venue with a cupboard as the centrepiece. Invite attendees to step through the wardrobe and into Narnia where the Snow Queen, Mr. Tumnus and others await. Think stilt walkers, think snow-covered forest fawns and think Aslan… Whilst we can’t provide a live lion, we can provide an animatronic polar bear. Marvellous!

Hot and Cold

 We love this theme because it’s so effortlessly effective. Guests expect a cold theme at Christmas parties so imagine their surprise when they walk into the next room and experience various entertainment that is decked out for a hot theme. By putting more traditional Christmas entertainment like carol singers into the cold room and acts that you’d traditionally find in the summer in the hot room, you’ll get a fab juxtaposition as you can see from this party.


 We have a few Frozen enquiries every year and one year they were so common that we even wrote a blog on it! Aside from dressing up various actors as costumed characters, we highly recommend booking an act like Alissa’s aerial ice dance that not only wows you with her circus skills but takes your breath away with the ice dancing as well. A true tour de force that you’ll never want to let go!


 It may sound ridiculous but so few Christmas parties actually focus on the festivities! Why not go all out and have Father Christmas handing out gifts, presents beneath a Christmas tree and absolutely anything else that you can come up with regarding Christmas. Reindeer petting zoo anyone? It’s possible! Bring Christmas to your party and we think even the most Scrooge-like of characters will put their humbugs away!

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By Henry Fosdike