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September 03, 2015

If you are the one having to organise the work Christmas party then you have our commiserations. You’re probably wondering what to hire, when to hire it and how best to accommodate everything and everyone to ensure the best Christmas party ever. Remember it’s meant to be a celebration of your staff and the Christmas season; nobody wants to be the person who ruined Christmas. Well, with our handy guide below, you won’t! Breathe in, breathe out and get planning for what will be a Christmas party to remember.  


The first thing to consider when it comes to organising the Christmas party is knowing how much you have to spend. From here, everything else will follow. When it will be, the kind of venue you can hire, the party entertainment and more. Try and get the best price for everything if you can (a weekday is generally cheaper than the weekend!) and see how far your Christmas party budget goes.


After you know the budget for your Christmas party, you can start to email feelers here and there to see who would be interested in attending. Have a few rough dates in mind and ask your colleagues what works best for them. Various websites can help with this. Once you know the demographics, you can cater the venue, menu and Christmas entertainment accordingly. An aged crowd will enjoy a different style of Christmas party to a younger crowd. You can also use this period to receive Christmas party ideas and learn about what has worked in the past as well as how people will be attending.


Having canvassed for Christmas party ideas (well, asked – you aren’t a politician [unless you are in which case disregard this entire sentence]), it’s now time to set the date. The further away from December 25th you are, the cheaper the venue will be but of course, too far away from Christmas and the entire party won’t feel like Christmas at all, no matter whom you hire! One thing in your favour is that many hold off on their own Christmas party plans with friends until they know when the Christmas work party is as it’s a great opportunity for everyone to relax and have fun!


Okay! Now we can get serious. When picking a Christmas party venue, it’s important to pick a venue that is close to work because let’s face it, it’ll probably be held midweek after work and if it’s near the workplace then your colleagues or employees will be grateful that they know where the venue is. Shop around and do your research – ask friends and family where they’ve been and what they might recommend. The size of the party guestlist will determine the size of the venue; you may need to hire out an entire venue or just a large room. And remember, a Christmas will probably need to be covered in decorations so don’t worry too much about luxury and grandeur if on a budget.


Many venues will have a set menu that you can pick from for Christmas that will cater to those who love turkey and those who prefer something a little less animal-based (vegetarian or vegan to you and me). It’s always best to check what is included in the Christmas menu before you book, however. Other venues will have a catering supplier that you must book through, which will be more than happy to accommodate any requests in advance. As for the drink, well, that’s on you but we’d highly recommend some Christmas fizz to get the ball rolling!


Ah, here we go. Now the Christmas party is ready to kick off in style! When looking to hire Christmas party entertainment, you’ll be shocked by the variety on offer. For the traditionalists, a live band or DJ will do the trick. If you’re wanting something ‘the same but different’, then a strolling band may be what you’re after. Unique Christmas party entertainment is becoming more and more popular too – photo booths, comedians, jugglers, snow globes, animatronic polar bears... It’s all based on what you want from your Christmas party. If you have a group of dancers, why not hire a Christmas DJ? If your group are more imaginative, hiring a Christmas party stiltwalker or Christmas carol singers are bound to do the trick. But honestly, there’s so much choice that you’d do well to check out our Christmas party entertainment ideas page as well as our blogs on the subject – links below:

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By Henry Fosdike