Christmas Music For Events from 5 of our Favourite Acts

December 14, 2012

So far in the run up to Christmas, we’ve discussed The Best Christmas Songs, The Worst Christmas Songs, hidden gems, little known facts and which genre makes the best Christmas Music – really helpful when you’re booking a DJ or making a playlist of Christmas Party Music, but what about our acts? How do they take on Christmas classics and carols come ‘Decemberween’?

We’ve selected a few brilliant Christmas Cover Versions from some of our favourite acts – take a listen below.

Berry Jazz Duo – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Berry Jazz specialise in Christmas Jazz music for corporate events and private functions – featuring the vocals of Jess Berry and a host of London’s top young jazz musicians, the ensemble have a wide repertoire of Christmas music that’s perfect for events around the festive period. Below you can hear Jess performing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas accompanied by a guitar in a stripped back arrangement of this Christmas favourite.

Riverside Brass – Winter Wonderland

As we’ve discussed before there’s something irresistibly Christmassy about Brass bands playing Christmas Carols; more so than string quartets and other classical ensembles, the sound of brass instruments taking on festive tunes is enough to get even the grinchiest of corporate events guests in the Christmas spirit. The Riverside Brass Quintet offer a compact version of the usual sprawling brass ensemble which is perfect for Christmas Events. Their ability to switch gears from traditional arrangements of carols to swingier numbers allows Riverside Brass to pick from a wide number of Christmas Songs. Take a listen to their version of Winter Wonderland.

Hark the Herald – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

If there’s one ensemble that can give Riverside Brass a run for their Christmas Money, it’s carol choir Hark The Herald. These winter wassailers are just as much at home with traditional arrangements of Christmas Carols as they are with more modern fare and work brilliantly as a background act to set the scene at Christmas themed events. Their take on God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen gives a good idea of how they handle a traditional arrangement of a classic Christmas Carol.

Hot Butter Soul Collective – Silent Night

If you read our Christmas Song Facts post a couple of weeks back, you’ll know that the composition of Silent Night was necessitated by a broken church organ – the song was written to be accompanied by a solitary guitar. Composer Franz Xaver Gruber probably hadn’t imagined the song would one day be backed by a beatboxer –chances are, Franz hadn’t imagined beatboxing at all –but contemporary gospel choir Hot Butter Soul Collective manage to drag this seminal Christmas Carol kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.

Scales of the Unexpected – Christmas Medley

Another vocal-heavy group taking on Christmas Songs, Scales of the Unexpected manage to cram a host of Christmas hits in to just under 2 minutes. The comedy vocal harmony group’s repertoire steers closer to the pop end of the musical spectrum keeping things light, fun and frivolous with three part harmonies backed by piano. Their barbershop influenced take on everything from Slade’s Merry Christmas Everyone to Merry Xmas (War is Over) is the perfect choice for Christmas themed musical cabaret shows.

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