Christmas Entertainment to Hire - 2016 Brochure Out Now!

November 08, 2016

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Whether you like it or not, Christmas is just around the corner and although some of you will have planned in advance and booked Christmas entertainment back in the summer, we also know that there will be a number of you whom have put it off in favour of watching Bake Off every Wednesday. Well no excuses! Bake Off has finished and your boss no doubt wants to know what’s going on with the Christmas party plans. Thankfully we’re here to help!

You can download the Sternberg Clarke brochure here.

Now that we’ve got the important part of this blog post out the way, you can read on (if you so wish) to find out just how to get the most out of each listing and to know exactly where to look if you’re wanting to hire Christmas entertainment of a certain type. Not everybody wants a band, not everybody wants a DJ. But you do all want entertainment so here is our quick rundown of how best to read the Christmas brochure.

 The first step you need to take is to seek out the genre of entertainment you’re looking to book. Strolling entertainment? Musical entertainment? You name it, we have it, but you do need to pin down the area your act will appear. Once you’ve done that, peruse through the pages and see what’s on offer! That being said, because there is just so much brilliant Christmas entertainment, we kind of think you should flick through the entire thing to make sure you find the perfect piece of entertainment to hire that fits your company or private party perfectly.

A number of entries will also include a little bit of interaction for your delectation. Yes, if you happen to find an entry that looks like this:

 And you find yourself wondering how exactly that would look in real life - as many from our 'More' section tend to - then wonder no more! By clicking on the image, you’ll be taking to the Sternberg Clarke YouTube channel (well worth a follow to keep up to date with all the entertainment we have to offer) and the specific video that you have selected!

Once you’ve found your entertainment and marvelled at the video, please do not hesitate to get in touch using the contact details below because many forms of entertainment are already being booked up fast!



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By Henry Fosdike