Chinese Pole Dancers, Freerunners and More at The Saatchi Gallery

July 02, 2011



In the run up to the launch of our new website, we've been looking back through some of our most successful events in a feature we're going to call 'The Sternberg Clarchives' - a title so good it's almost as if the name came first and the idea came after. Almost.

This time we're looking back at an event from 2009 at The Saatchi Gallery for the closing gala of the FIPP’09 (world magazine congress) Exhibition.

We were tasked with providing a variety of wandering circus and musical acts spread around different areas of the gallery as well as one 'headline act' to bring the evening to a close. All of the acts had to be attention grabbing and unique but the closing performance had to have a real 'wow factor' to leave guests with a lasting impression of the evening.


Acts included Freerunners, Body Painted People, Contact Jugglers and a spectacular Hand Balance Duo as seen above - rather than using a traditional stage, acts performed in and around the guests heightening the feeling of excitement and unpredictability.


The sleek contemporary space of the Saatchi Gallery is versatile enough to accommodate any circus act you could think of, but rather than falling back on circus staples like the Trapese artists or areal silks, we supplied something a little more exotic for the final performance.


Our Chinese Pole Dancers shimmied and slithered their way up and down 9 meter poles in a jaw dropping choreographed routine that had the guests rooted to the spot for the duration. Using the unique space of the Saatchi Gallery to stunning effect, the pole dancers gave those in attendance an entertainment experience unlike anything they'd ever seen.


Elsewhere in the venue we had music and visuals from Organic Vision, a twist on our popular Organic Jam Concept adding visuals into the mix of live music and DJ by using a VJ who mixes visuals in real time on a screen - the visuals can be used to incorporate to a company's brand identity or a party theme. If you're interested in seeing Organic Vision in action take a look here.


If you'd like more information on any of the acts in this post then get in touc on or 020 88771102