Top 5 Children's Entertainment Ideas

June 06, 2012



With school summer holidays looming on the horizon, we'll soon be seeing a few more 'little folk' populating our events; sliding along the floor on their knees at weddings, smeared with ice cream at corporate 'Family Fun Days' and the like.

While youngsters are always a welcome addition to an event, they bring with them their own considerations when it comes to event entertainment. A tasteful string quartet and a graphologist are all well and good for a sleek, sophisticated drinks reception - but faced with an evening of delicate background music and conversations about the ramifications of dotting 'i's with hearts versus dotting them with circles, most children will respond with sleeve tugging, whining and 'advanced sulking'.

As London's leading supplier of entertainment - we're experienced in keeping people of all ages happy at an event whether that's with acts aimed specifically at children or performers who bridge the gap between young and old. To give you a few ideas for events during the summer holidays, we thought we'd share our Top 5 Acts for Events with Children.

 Zaz the Clown

Having been awarded Young Clown of the Year in 1993, children's entertainer Zaz has gone on to become one of the UK's most sought after kids performers going on to win Clown of the Year in 2007. A multi-talented artist, Zaz's show comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from old fashioned clowning to fully interactive circus workshops in which Zaz teaches his audience the tricks of the trade, taking in unicycling and juggling  offering his notoriously fidgety audience a chance to work out some of the hyperactivity they're no doubt brimming with.

 Pirate Stage Show

Ah, to be young again - when pirates weren't of the terrifying Somalian variety and the worst thing they'd do was ask you to swab the decks, perhaps call you a 'land lubber' and encourage a parrot to laugh at you. The sea-faring antics of our troupe of trained actors recall popular depictions of pirates in children's books like 'Treasure Island', 'Peter Pan' and 'Captain Flynn and the Pirate Dinosaurs' to create an all singing, all dancing ode to bottles of rum, dead men's chests and pieces of eight. Whatever that means.

Justin Monehen - Children's Magician

Magicians have long been a mainstay of corporate event entertainment and wedding receptions, but why should adults have all the fun (other than because they've paid for it and been at work all day and these kids have just been rolling around in a sand pit and playing with dolls)? Justin Monehen has made a name for him over the past few years as a specialist in kid-centric magic shows, combining his high energy visual gags (severed hands and explosive straightjackets feature prominently) with a gift for getting into the mindset of children of all ages that lead to multiple appearances on award winning BBC show 'The Slammer'.

 James Campbell - Children's Comedian

Plenty of comedians have tried their hand at performing the odd show for kids, but Having toured for years as a comedian and storyteller, James Campbell eventually found his niche by performing sets exclusively aimed children. Since then he has toured festivals, venues and schools performing to youngsters across the country. By performing material that engages children on their level rather than talking down to them, James has provided young audiences with plenty of belly laughs through a combination of surreal flights of fancy, comedy songs and pithy observations.

 Abandoman - Comedy Rap Duo

Famed for their lightening fast improvisational skills and thrilling spontaneity, Irish Comedy Rap duo Abandoman have become familiar faces thanks to sell out Edinburgh shows and countless TV appearances. But what most don't realise is that the pair have also built a young fan base thanks to a stint as the house band on ‘Dick and Dom's Funny Business’ where their fast paced wordplay and surreal humour has made them firm favourites with the shows viewers. Abandoman's 'adult show' translates perfectly into a kid friendly celebration of rapid fire rhyme, losing none of its wit and enthralling adults and children alike.

For more information on these or any of our other acts aimed at children, get in touch.