Celebrating Women’s Sports Week 2015

June 03, 2015

You may have seen the hashtag #WSW2015 trending on Twitter over the past couple of days and there’s good reason for that. It’s Women’s Sport Week, celebrating the great and the good from female sports stars around the world just days before the women’s World Cup kicks off in Canada. Let’s say you’re hosting an event to celebrate this occasion - whom could you get?

Here’s just a taster...

Clare Balding

Clare BaldingThis goes without saying (but we’re saying it because you know, it would be a travesty to leave her off). Clare Balding is probably you’re default ‘go to’ if you’re looking for someone with sporting knowledge to speak at your event. She’s a model professional and after moving from horse racing to being one of the main sports presenters on the BBC at major events including the Olympics, she’s bound to be a smash hit at your event.

Amy Lewis

 Perfect as a host to present your event, Amy Lewis will be hugely recognisable to those of us who regularly tune into Sky Sports News to hear about yet another injury to Theo Walcott and Jack Wilshere (seriously guys, sort it out). With over 15 years experience in news reporting, she was one of Sky’s main faces during the Olympics and also produces and presents 30 minute documentaries on key news issues. Oh you want more? She’s also experienced in hosting live events so would be a great choice to help steer your evening in the right direction.

Jenny Jones

 If you want high-octane and extreme then look no further than Jenny Jones, the UK’s most successful professional snowboarder. With over a decade’s worth of experience under her belt and numerous gold medals at the X-Games, she’ll definitely have a story or two to share about life on the slopes. Hilarious, humble and incredibly determined (she’s shirked more than a couple career threatening injuries in her time), Jenny is a brilliant idea to celebrate Women’s Sport Week 2015.

Naturally there are many, many more but hopefully this has got you thinking. Best of luck to England at the Women’s World Cup. Bring it home!



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By Henry Fosdike