Celebrating EastEnders 30th - 4 East End Themes

February 19, 2015

Events in Albert Square have gripped the nation this week and tonight we discover just who killed Lucy Beale. To celebrate (probably the wrong word), we thought we’d take a quick look back at other notable events that have gone down in the real East End of London as EastEnders hits its 30th anniversary. From gangsters to sporting accomplishments, we picked four themes that could be linked to an East End-inspired event and frankly, they’ll make you wonder why anyone would bother watching the soaps at all.


 Oh yes. Back in the days of yore – well, up until the 1960s – any questionable criminal activity in the East End was probably due to gangsters. EastEnders has had their fair share of them, Steve Owen perhaps being the most memorable. Martin Kemp played one of the infamous Kray Twins in an early acting role and although Spandau Ballet may not be perfect for your gangster-themed event, we can provide costumes, actors, something to shoot at without getting arrested and for a real East End thrill, why not peer down at the streets from the comfort of the Gherkin?



 David Lean hailed from Limehouse and Alfred Hitchcock mosaics can be found at Leytonstone’s tube station. Not only born there, Hitch himself filmed in the East End numerous times including dramatising the famous Siege of Sidney Street for The Man Who Knew Too Much. For your film event, why not release your inner director with a Photobooth or create your very own StreetDance film with AG? Mimbo the Mime is also available to inspire your way back to the silent days of cinema and we’re sure a Chaplin lookalike would go down well too.

Jack the Ripper

 Ooh a macabre event! You dark horse. Very well, if it’s Jack the Ripper you want then it’s Jack the Ripper you shall get (not literally). It’s been well over a hundred years since Jack stalked the East End but a theme such as this will be brilliant for scar(r)ing your guests. Why not hire Baron Von Grindle, who spends the evening hanging from his perch, occasionally lunging at guests should they get too close? Teodora is a perfect choice to soundtrack the evening, whilst the London Dungeon – although not strictly in the East End – will ensure that your event is suitably chilling. Once all is said and done, why not have a go at solving the case?


Olympics 2012

 Who can forget probably the biggest event to be held in London since... Well, perhaps ever? The Olympic Park in Stratford gloriously laid claim to the greatest sporting event on Earth and why not relive the experience with a speech from the people who were there - David Moorcroft or Danny CratesRaise a flag and enhance the sporting theme with T2’s football jugglers, various acrobatic acts, an appearance from David Beckham and some Morris Dancers.


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By Henry Fosdike