Burns Night Entertainment Acts

January 15, 2020

Burns Night is a huge event in Scotland and occurs on 25th January each and every year. Traditionally it is an evening where guests gather to enjoy a Burns supper and celebrate the life and poetry of Robert Burns on the date of his birth. Not only do guests enjoy Haggis but they also enjoy some entertainment! Not sure want to book? Here are some ideas.

Whisky Tasting

A whisky tasting experience is perfect for those who want to know a little more about what they are drinking. Our experts have a selection of Scotches to choose from and we guarantee that you will come away feeling delightfully merry! Fascinating fact: The Irish spell it ‘whiskey’ and the Scottish spell it ‘whisky’.


When it comes to celebrating an occasion, there is nothing quite like the sound of the bagpipes! Not only will our bagpipers play all of the songs most associated with the instrument, they will also be in national costume. An absolute must for your event this year.


 Who else loves a Ceilidh? There is nothing much better than this traditional dance as guests celebrate their culture, a new year or a wedding. A traditional ceilidh band features a fiddle, flute, tin whistle and accordion but in more modern times you may see fewer performers as well as newer instruments included. Great fun for all ages.


 A fiddle is actually a colloquial term for a violin, though any bowed string musical instrument can be classed as such. There was a time when Scotland’s finest players of the fiddle were renowned across the country with Niels Gow perhaps the most famous of the 18th century. Some of his tunes are still played to this day including the melancholic but beautiful Lament for the Death of his Second Wife (though at a Burns Supper you may wish to play something slightly more upbeat!)


No Burns Supper is complete without some recitation of Robert Burns’ poetry. With this in mind, it may be an idea to blend an evening of Burns’ poetry with some more modern pieces by local Scottish poets who may be in attendance. Chinese New Year also falls on Burns Night this year so you could also read a piece of Chinese poetry as an homage!

Will you be enjoying Burns Night this year? We hope you have a fabulous celebration! If you are interested in booking any of the entertainment mentioned above, please feel free to get in touch using the contact details below.



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By Henry Fosdike