Burlesque, Cabaret and Jazz at the Playboy Club

March 12, 2014

Since its reopening in 2011, London’s infamous Playboy Club has sought to capture the glamour of a bygone era so it makes sense for the club to celebrate the most glamorous of bygone eras; The French Belle Époque. We worked with the iconic venue to recreate an evening of breathtaking cabaret entertainment that would have pleased even the most discerning Parisian night owl. Read on for more.

 Easing guests in to the evening was our sultry chanteuse Emma who greeted new arrivals with a set of background Jazz in Salvatore's Bar before returning for a performance with her full band on stage in the Baroque Room. Emma’s ability to sing in both English and French is what some people might call being ‘bilingual’ but we prefer to call it ‘really useful for events with a Francophile twist’ so she and her band were a fantastic fit for the evening.

 Our host for the evening was boisterous circus ringmaster Barnaby whose throaty bellow and larger-than-life personality made for a brilliant introduction to such a fantastic cabaret line-up. We worked with a costume designer and makeup artist to recreate the archetypal ringmaster and Barnaby’s spot on delivery completed the illusion.

 First up on the stage was our contortionist Louise who treated guests to a breathtaking display of limb knottery set to a backing track. There was more music from fantastic all female vocal harmony group Elle and the Pocket Belles who mixed their usual vintage style withsomething a little more modern in their genre straddling Electro Swing set. 

 After a quick set from Emma, our trio of Can Can girls bounded on to the stage to perform a high energy dance routine in bespoke costumes created especially for the event that featured bustles, corsets, bloomers, rich jewel tones and Amazing feathered headdresses. The girls later returned in the guise of burlesque dancers as they performed to music from the in house DJs .

 Roaming around the event in decidedly less-frilly costumes were magician Josh, gentlemanly juggler Tom and our Mime artist (no name provided). Josh’s slick, innovative magic tricks attracted plenty of curious punters who no doubt kept an eye out for him in the venue’s Casino (they needn’t have, we’d never let a magician near a card table.) Elsewhere, the unfalteringly dapper Tom wowed guests with a dextrous display of juggling, working with everything from traditional balls to boxes, hats and a walking stick. Also making his way around the guests was our mime artist – but what else can you say about a mime? ... Exactly.

Take a look at some more pictures from the event below. Be sure to check out more pictures from the event on our Facebook and Pinterest pages.

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