Military Chic: Booth Street West 40s at the In and Out Club

October 19, 2011



The warm, classically styled surrounds of the Naval and Military Club (or the In and Out  Club as it's more commonly known) really lend themselves to a wide range of vintage entertainment for Corporate Events and Weddings. In the past, we've supplied the utterly fantastic 1920s Dixieland Jazz band 'The Dixie Ticklers' who performed a pitch perfect set in the courtyard of the venue over summer. But for a recent event, we provided an act that took inspiration from a different decade.

Emma and the band managed to increase the sales of War Bonds by 40% over the course of the evening despite it being 2011.

To celebrate the launch of a new clothing line with a distinctly 1940s feel, we provided a twist on our ever popular jazz band Booth Street West. Featuring vocalist Emma and a band in full WWII era American Military costume, Booth Street West played a 40s inspired set featuring Jazz Standards and classic tunes from the decade. Nestled snugly in the corner of The Coffee Room at the In and Out, the band instantly managed to evoke the All-American feel of the USO shows from the war years.

Booth Street West's 40s themed set was hampered only slightly by a very modern "Fire Exit" Sign

In order to get the right look for the performers, a great deal of effort went into sourcing costumes for the event. Dressed head-to-toe in authentic military uniforms, the band looked so good that a number of guests asked for pictures with them after their set.  We also brought in a make-up artist to help give Emma the look of iconic 40s movie stars such as Rita Hayworth and Ava Gardner. By the time she was ready to perform, Emma looked worthy of having her picture taped to a few thousand equipment lockers aboard battleships in the South Pacific.


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(Photos courtesy of Adhoc PR)