British Seaside Entertainment Ideas

July 24, 2013

“Surely...” you think “Surely, British Seaside Entertainment and Beach Themed Entertainment are effectively the same thing? And you’ve already written a blog about Beach Entertainment, isn’t this one redundant?” You’re wrong to think that. But it’s ok, it’s an easy mistake to make. Where the term ‘Beach Party’ brings to mind tanned, healthy looking people playing volleyball and drinking drinks from hollowed out things, ‘British Seaside Themed Party’ brings to mind something else entirely.

So for those looking to capture the nostalgia, the quirkiness and the unmistakable British-ness of our nation’s seaside in a corporate event or private party, we’ve offered up some suggestions for Seaside Themed Entertainment. Read on for more.

Punch and Judy

In the eternal battle betwixt Punches and Judies, there is only one winner – entertainment. Our Punch and Judy show recaptures the primal feeling of watching puppets attack each other while a dog attempts to liberate sausages from a crocodile (?) Perfect for kids of all ages, as well as adults but not teenagers because they probably think they’re too cool for all this.

Tony the Pony

With the onset of adulthood, one loses the desire to ride a donkey – especially in front of colleagues at an event. But the desire for the company of a small horse never truly fades with time - be it for stroking, petting or the whispering of sweet nothings into the ears thereof. Thankfully world famous micro-pony Tony the Pony offers all the enjoyment of looking at a member of the Equus genus in a compact, travel ready package. He is not for riding.

Seaside Picture Boards

Ever see a picture or saucy postcard and think to yourself “man, I wish I could stick my face through a hole in that”? Well it turns out you’re in luck because that’s a thing. With our cheeky picture boards, guests are able to imagine life as, say, a muscle-bound sailor lifting barbells or a buxom woman in a red swimsuit holding a suggestive looking ice-lolly. Sadly the illusion is brief, but the memories last forever. Because we’d take photographs of it.

End of the Pier Games

Step right up! Step Right Up! Test your strength with the High Striker! Show off your aim at the Coconut Shy! Measure your... “Wait wait wait, aren’t these just your common or garden Carnival games except you’ve called them End of the Pier Games so as to better fit with the theme” *Backs away suspiciously with armfuls of soft toys* Yes.

Hoop La La Bathing Beauties

In truth, we could take any old act and put them in an old timey swimming costume for fill out this slot, but former Britain’s Got Talent contestants Hoop La La ‘s Bathing Beauties act perfectly conjures up the spirit of British Seaside towns in the 1920s in a show that was specially commissioned for the Cirque Bijou production 'Sequins and Sawdust'.

For more information on booking seaside themed entertainment for corporate events or private function, head over to our contact page and get in touch.