Breakdancing Waiters and Pixel Poi Glow Juggling for an Awards Ceremony

July 18, 2012

Awards ceremonies pose a unique challenge to entertainment suppliers such as us. While they start in much the same way as most corporate events – drinks reception, background music, strolling acts etc - there’s the business of the awards themselves that, without careful planning, can suck the enthusiasm out of a room, especially when you’re dealing with longer shows. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to keep the interest of an awards ceremony audience and this recent event was a great example of how to use unusual acts to break up the ceremony and maintain energy throughout the evening.

 Entertainment savvy event audiences may be familiar with the Singing Waiters, where a handful of the event’s catering staff become disillusioned with serving drinks, cast aside their trays of canapés and break into song. What guests may not expect is that rather than singing, the waiting staff in question burst into a kinetic street dance routine. Our Breakdancing Waiters offer a thrilling visual twist on the ever-popular ‘undercover performer’ concept that’s especially useful for overseas guests upon whom the intricacies of the Singing Waiters show could end up lost in translation.

 Elsewhere at the event, modern circus entertainment met state of the art technology as our LED Glow Juggling troupe took to the stage for an astonishing light juggling show. Using pre programmed batons; our performers were able to surround themselves in a flurry of luminescent patterns and at one point even programmed the display to trace the client’s logo in the air. A show such as this is a brilliant way to break up an otherwise long, static award ceremony with something purely visual and offers a great degree of customisability for a client looking to incorporate logos, colour schemes and other motifs into the entertainment.

 For more information on our LED Glow Juggling show or the Breakdancing Waiters, head over to our contact page and get in touch.