Brazilian Themed Entertainment Party Ideas for 2016

March 03, 2016

Back in 2015, we highlighted a few party ideas that we reasoned were going to be huge in 2016, one of which was a Brazilian themed party, thanks largely to the Olympic Games arriving in Rio de Janeiro. With Rio 2016 just a few months away, we thought it might be prudent to go a little more in-depth on exactly what you can look into for Brazilian party hire this year. From music to dancers, we have it all for your corporate event or private party!

Brazilian Bateria Samba Dancers

 Perhaps the first thing that people think about when they picture a Brazilian party, the Brazilian Bateria dance troupe actually specialise in a whole lot more than just samba, also able to dance Baile Funk and Brazilian Axé to get the party started! Their high energy routine can be presented as a stage performance or in a wandering Brazilian carnival style. Oh and to put you at ease, hiring Brazilian carnival dancers for your event doesn’t mean you have to dress like them, though we think you’ll agree that they look fabulous!

Bateria Drums

 ou could just have your colourfully costumed dancers jiving to the sounds of Spotify, but to really ramp up the Brazilian energy in the room, we recommend bringing in a few Bateria drummers or a Latin band to enhance the flava of your party. With a multitude of instruments to choose from, the percussion will wow the crowd. Do you want a Surdo? A Repinique? How about an Agogô? There’s so much choice that the Rio 2016 opening ceremony will feel like it’s happening right in front of you!

Bolli Darling Characters

 As incredible and beautiful as bacteria dancers are, you might be thinking that you need a little more colour and a little more Brazilian carnival flavour! Not a problem. The Bolli Darling characters include flamingos, peacocks and more! Eye catching and sure to amaze your guests, there are tens of Bolli girls to choose from and each one will look incredible in your party photos (and of course, on Instagram!) The best bit is that you can even hire them on stilts for maximum impact!


Although it’s Rio 2016 we are celebrating this year, the sport most associated with Brazil and a number of countries in South America is undoubtedly football (or soccer if we want to use the local lingo.) T2 have featured on Soccer AM and will stun the room with their impressive footballing skills! The perfect antidote to the colour and glamour of the rest of your Brazilian party, T2 ‘s ‘freestyle football for hire’ – bit of a mouthful – is sure to be a match winner!


 To end your evening, why not indulge in a little Capoeira dancing? An Afro-Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts, music and dance is technical and graceful in equal measure. Incredible performed to live drums, the act can also perform to any music style desired. Though if you’re going for a Brazilian party atmosphere, we recommend you steer away from the slow Classical numbers! 

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By Henry Fosdike