Top 5 Brazilian Entertainment Ideas

October 25, 2013

With both the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics heading for Brazil, there’s been an increased interest in the World’s Seventh Largest Economy (by both nominal GDP and purchasing power parity as of 2012... yes, this is going to be one of those Wikipedia-heavy blog entries). It’s not just the sporting world either, he events industry has also gone Brazil crazy (or Brazil Nuts if you’d prefer) over the course of the last year. 

We like to think we’re experts on all kinds of entertainment and as such, we’re used to providing ideas for any events – Brazilian themes included. Never ones to miss an opportunity to flex our entertainment knowledge muscles, today we’re offering up our Top 5 Brazilian Entertainment ideas. Read on for more.

 Samba Dancers

Capturing a carnival atmosphere is crucial to getting a Brazilian themed corporate event right and nothing sets the mood like our troupe of Samba Dancers. The dancer’s outlandish, colourful costumes are as eye catching as their dance moves and their infectious enthusiasm is the perfect way to set the tone for the evening.

  Samba Bateria/Drummers

If you managed to catch our blog about drummers for events the other day, you’ll have been given a crash course in Brazilian drumming or ‘Bateria’. This cacophonous drum ensemble can come in a range of sizes to suit any event and paired with a troupe of Samba Dancers, can provide a high impact centrepiece to any Brazilian Event.

 Carnival Horse

Breathtaking as a Brazilian Carnival Float would be at your next event, there’s the small matter of ‘fitting it in the venue’ to contend with. But when you finally give up the dream of squeezing that 40ft pink lion through the back door, there are still plenty of options for a bit of visual spectacle – take for instance our Carnival horse costume; flames, feathers, man strapped to the back – what more could you ask for?

 Capoeira Dancers

Another high energy dance act from Brazil but this time with an element of martial arts, Capoeira might be described as a contest as much as a dance. In fact, Capoeira began life as a game invented by slaves but disguised as a dance to avoid punishment for learning self defence. Performers utilise a jaw dropping mix of power, speed and acrobatics to spin, kick and flip their ways through stunning rhythmic displays that are quite unlike any other form of dance.

 Bird of Paradise Stilts

Brazil is blessed with one of the most diverse ranges of birdlife in the world (that’s the kind of fact you don’t generally come to your local entertainment agency for...) and that might account for the sheer volume of feathers in your average Brazilian carnival costume. Our Bird of Paradise Stilt Walkers are no different; taking inspiration from the country’s avian population to add to the already colourful theme.

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By Garreth Owen