Bottling It: Wine Tasting Evening at Soho Hotel

October 03, 2011



What is entertainment? No really, what is entertainment? If something is entertaining, does that mean it is entertainment? In a word, "Yes". At Sternberg Clarke we think of entertainment as more than just Jazz Bands and String Quartets, we often provide interactive or experiential entertainment that doesn't really fit into categories like 'Music' or 'Comedy'... that's why we have that 'More' section on the website where we put all the 'acts' that don't quite fit in a box (go check it out, if you have a moment!)

It's not often we have reports of our guests wine-ing...

Sometimes the best thing for an event is an activity that guests can get involved in. This is especially true of events with smaller numbers of guests; perhaps teambuilding or ice breaker events where guests are encouraged to get to know each other or bond over a shared activity.

Wine? "Wine-ot?" ... That was a low. Yet I've still published it.

For a recent event at the Soho Hotel for a small group of guests, we provided an evening of Wine Tasting with Remi, a young French wine Expert as well as some background information on the wines to give guests a bit of a background on what they were drinking. Remi displayed an infectious passion for wines from all regions, and though he claims not to be biased when it comes to the wines of other nations - there's clearly a big place in his heart for those that hail from his homeland. Remi's enthusiasm was passed on to every one of the guests who leapt at the chance to sample some of the best wines from around the world and were soon sniffing, swilling and quaffing like seasoned experts.

If you're having trouble seeing this image, perhaps you need Glasses

The event was a great example of how entertainment (or at least entertaining activities) can be used in an educational way to guarantee that an event will stick in people's heads; no doubt every time these budding wine connoisseurs select a bottle in a restaurant, they'll be thinking back to a great evening at the Soho Hotel. In the end they left the event with a gift more powerful than any party bag or commemorative soap selection... and that gift was knowledge...

For more information on Winetasting evenings for Corporate Events, get in touch via our contact page.