Booking Opera for an Event

January 09, 2019

Stand Up Opera

When it comes to music at events, opera often gets left behind. The vast majority of our enquiries will be for a function band, jazz band or DJ at a corporate event or perhaps a string quartet or harp at a wedding. But what about opera?

Opera is gorgeous after-dinner entertainment and comes in a whole variety of options. In this blog, we will list four different types of opera act that you can book for an event.


 Yes, that is all one word! OperaUpClose is an Olivier Award-winning production company that have put on a number of different operas across London in unique venues that the general public may not ordinarily associate with the music form. Essentially taking opera away from its slightly older image, it brings opera to the masses and will delight guests. Since they excel when performing in different arenas, OperaUpClose is the perfect choice for a corporate event.

Stand Up Opera

 Based on the hugely popular Australian show, Stand Up Opera is similar to the ever popular Singing Waiters act that many have seen at weddings and events across the country. Combining comedy and music, Stand Up Opera sees two charismatic ‘guests’ surprised those in the room by abruptly standing up and performing a hilarious and enjoyable version of Bizet’s Carmen. A whole lot of fun and definitely a bit different!


 A soprano is a lovely choice and works as after-dinner or background entertainment. We have a number of excellent options including EmilyCharlotte and Emily and James, with each offering a slightly varied repertoire. Ordinarily performing with pianist accompaniment, our sopranos can also perform to backing tracks… But live music definitely improves the atmosphere and the performance.

3 British Tenors

 When anybody thinks of a tenor, they undoubtedly think of Pavarotti, Nessun Dorma and The Three Tenors, the hugely popular Italian trio that took the world by storm in the 1990s. 3 British Tenors work with the same format and deliver stunning versions of both classical and modern songs that is sure to be enjoyed by guests of all ages. Smartly dressed, experienced and professional, 3 British Tenors are a wonderful choice.

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By Henry Fosdike