Booking Art for Events - 5 Great Options

November 20, 2019

When it comes to booking art for events, it is possible to book artists of all sorts. The most popular options are undoubtedly caricaturists who can draw in their own style, in the style of a famous artist, and either on paper or a tablet. That being said, there are other options for booking art for events and we thought we’d run through a few of the more interesting choices in this blog. Read on for 5 great artists for you event.

Live Scribing

 Live scribing is one of those forms of art that you might see once in a while but have no idea what it’s actually called. Live scribing is hugely popular at conferences where an artist draws what is going on as it happens. There will be lots of cartoons, a few bold words to show what was being said and a whole lot of arrows to get the point across. A good live scriber will leave guests with a fun, informative and interesting piece of work that they can consult long into the future.



Fashion Portrait Illustration

 If you have ever wanted to be seen in Vogue or Vanity Fair, this is the artist for you. Our fashion illustrators will deliver a sketched portrait that will look like it has been taken directly from your favourite fashion magazine. All of our artists have had their work featured by some of the leading fashion labels and they definitely offer something different to a caricaturists. A really great option to consider when booking art for events.

Sewing Machine Artist

 We keep going on about Harriet since we added her to our website but that’s only because her skill is so unique it just needs to be shared! A sewing machine artist (!), Harriet will put together an incredible montage of your day using nothing but her sewing machine and a bit of thread. To add to the quirkiness of her act, the sewing machine can also be bicycle powered if you want somebody to get fit alongside Harriet’s incredible creation. Truly unique, book a sewing machine artist for events and weddings alike.


Silhouette Artist


 Silhouette art date back to the mid-18th century and amazingly the technique used to create the silhouettes has barely moved on since then! If you book a silhouette artist for your event, they will stroll around your venue and offer to cut a portrait for a guest. They work with such skill and speed that you’ll be amazed just a couple of minutes later when you are presented with your amazing likeness. Perfect for framing after the event.



 Robert Duncan offers something unique for events. A superb choice for conference, Robert is a cartoonist that will set himself up in a corner and deliver cartoons based on the day’s events. Able to work for up to eight hours’ a day, he will supply around 20 cartoons by the day’s end and is more than happy for his work to be beamed live to delegates as he works. The best bit? Companies and conference organisers can then use the cartoons however they wish going forward. A truly great option for art at events.

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By Henry Fosdike