Booking a Photographer – Wedding Diary #2

March 04, 2020

Having booked a venue in our first wedding diary post, we turned our attentions to booking a wedding photographer. What were we looking for? How do you find one? We had no idea where to start. Join us on our journey!

Which wedding photography do we like?

With the venue booked in, we initially opted to look for local photographers in that area. We need not have bothered because it turns out that many photographers are more than willing to travel and that it is all part of their pricing. No doubt local photographers will know the best spots at certain venues but if you are looking for a certain type of photographer – as it turned out we were – then we highly advise seeing what’s available all over the country!

How to pick a photographer?

This is all personal preference. My partner and I had decided that for the right photographer we were willing to go a little above what we had initially budgeted. The reason for this was that once all is said and done, alongside our memories it will be the photos that remain.

Should we book a videographer as well?

After pondering this question we decided that if we booked the right photographer, a video would be lovely but we might only view it a few times. Is the cost worth it? It wasn’t for us but it may be for you. Our idea is to ask friends and family to take videos over the course of the day, send them our way and then we’ll be able to edit them together in due course (though whether we ever will we’ll just have to wait and see!)

Drawing up a shortlist!

After deciding that we would only go for a photographer rather than a videographer, we looked back through the numerous venue websites that we had looked at over the previous month or so. The wedding venues will either have their own photos but a fair few have a carousel of genuine wedding photos that were captured within their walls. These invariably have a watermark and from there you can draw up a shortlist of photographers whose work you particularly enjoy.


Picking the photographer

After deciding that we wanted something a bit different to traditional wedding photography, our eye kept being drawn back to Tom Halliday. In truth we had noticed his photos back when were scouring through venues and had been turned down for a weekend date. Ultimately though we booked for a Monday wedding and decided to get back in touch. Was he free? Yes! Hurrah! It was only later that we discovered he had won wedding photographer of the year last year at the UK Wedding Awards. High praise indeed! (And in fact in writing this blog we've just noticed that he won again this year too!)

Talk to the photographer

Although we were glad that Tom was free, we didn’t want to rush into a decision on booking him. As a wedding photographer he totally understands this and offered a video chat at a time of our choosing. He talked us through how he tends to shoot the day and the various different packages available. It was really interesting to note that he would pop by the venue far in advance of our wedding to scout out the best spots. We really enjoyed his honesty and down to earth approach and sent a deposit that very weekend. Photographer locked in! Hooray!

 Join us for our next wedding diary where we ponder wedding entertainment and the invitations!


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By Henry Fosdike