Booking a DJ? Our tips to get the most out of your Disco

December 09, 2010



 What’s our most popular act over Christmas? Dickensian Carol Singers? Jack Frost the Chillusionist? Or even the man himself, St Nick? They’re all popular, sure, but we’ve not mentioned the obvious; the ‘Jockey of the Disc’ or the ‘DeeJay’ as they’re better known.

A good DJ is a valuable asset at Christmas… not that we’d ever tell them that, their egos being what they are. It may seem as easy as ordering a birthday cake or choosing the right tablecloth and while it’s not as complicated as coordinating a fleet of free runners and a function band for the same corporate party, there are still a few key points to bear in mind. These are the things we need to know when we’re pairing your event up with the right DJ. 


A DJ, like a fine suit, is not a one size fits all affair. There’s no point turning up to a small function room with monolithic, earth shaking speakers much in the same way that there’s no point turning up to a cavernous hall with relatively modest gear. Be clear about what you’re requirements are.

Who are your Guests?

There are a number of factors that you need to consider concerning who the DJ will be playing for. How old are your guests? What is the gender split of the party? What do they do?  These questions are important to making sure you end up with the right music for your event.

What is happening at your event?

Is it a work Christmas Party? A wedding reception? A Bar mitzvah?

If you want your guests to talk, network and get to know each other – you’ll need an entirely different style of music than if you intend your guests loosen their ties, place party hats at jaunty angles and generally ‘throw some shapes’. (Dance) If the event is a joiner party, it’s important to remember that not everyone knows each other and naturally, not everyone’s music tastes will be the same.


Song Choices are always helpful…

A couple of examples of the kind of music you’re after gives us a direction in which to look for our DJs. Even genres are helpful.

… But not too many!

There’s nothing worse than being sent 4 hours worth of song choices and a strict order in which to play them. DJ’s may seem like they’re just playing a succession of popular songs, but a good DJ will be eagerly watching the crowd and making music selections based on the mood and energy of the people he/she is playing for. Trust your DJ to do their thing!


Ask us for advice!

Let us know the shape of the evening,give us as much info as possible and we’ll make sure we select the right person for the job. It’s ok, we’ve done this before!