Bonfire Night Entertainment Ideas

October 29, 2018

Bonfire night! Who doesn’t love Bonfire Night? It’s one of those holidays that is only celebrated in the UK and when you try and explain it to someone who wasn’t born here, you’re often met with a blank stare. “Bonfire night! Entertainment with a fire and fireworks! Guy Fawkes—Well, burning Guy Fawkes…” “You burn someone?” “Yeah! On the fire. And children love it.” When you phrase it in this way, it’s hard to know quite how this is regarded as a family evening, as we all gather round the bonfire and admire the explosions in the sky. Even so, have your sparklers at the ready (with gloves!), here are five fab bonfire night entertainment ideas.

Costumed Characters

 Bonfire night entertainment ideas don't get any better than this! We could have gone with the obvious entertainment options for Bonfire Night – a bonfire and some fireworks – but we wanted to go in a slightly different direction to kick us off! Why not hire a Guy Fawkes character? Perhaps a masked figure you might well have seen in the Wachowskis’ V for Vendetta? It’ll certainly add a bit of gravitas to proceedings and we guarantee that your event will be shared far and wide on social media if accompanied with a suitable hashtag!

Fire Tuba

 In recent years, simply putting on a fireworks display isn’t enough. Sure, the colours and the sounds are fun but what if you set the bangs to music instead? Often starting with a countdown from Thunderbirds and careening through a fifteen minute medley of seamlessly edited chart hits, the music is played loud and proud on Bonfire Night with commons and parks across the country coming together in their appreciation of Adele and Bruno Mars. But why not get the music started earlier this year? We highly recommend a Fire Tuba to welcome the crowds and get everybody in the mood ahead of time.

Fire Roue Cyr

 What if you could combine the entertainment on offer at Bonfire Night with the entertainment on offer at the circus? The good news is that you can! When not hosting Bonfire Night, many of London’s parks often welcome a fair and a circus to their land throughout the year but now you can combine two forms of entertainment into one with our fire roue cyr. Yes, that’s right, a roue cyr that is on fire. Who wouldn’t want to watch such a display?

Fire Fury

 We could write all sorts of things here but the truth is that a picture paints a thousand words and that has never been more true than with fire performers. Amazingly, the team behind Fire Fury is able to work both inside and out, but most bonfire nights tend to be outdoors because, well, it’s obvious. Formerly working with Cirque du Soleil, this brilliant duo will light up the park with their display and as you can see, photos are a must!

Fire Ballet

 When you think of ballet, you might not think ‘ooh fire’ but perhaps you should for that is exactly what Fire Ballet offers. Take the elegance of a normal ballet performance and combine with the beauty of flames and you get this stunning dance act that is guaranteed to offer something slightly different to the punters on bonfire night. Other fire performers including fire eaters, breathers and of course, a real phoenix available to hire.*

For more information on any of these acts, please feel free to click the links above or get in touch using the contact details below.

*The phoenix being real isn’t guaranteed.



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By Henry Fosdike