Bingo Lingo: Turning Bingo Numbers into Entertainment

February 10, 2011

 We stumbled across a brilliant new entertainment concept today in the offices of Sternberg Clarke. Having had an office debate on the various numerical and metaphorical meanings of  bingo slang we decided to develop a series of new walkabout acts based on our bingo theme. So eyes down, stampers ready......

88, Two Fat ladies (easy enough) will be accompanied by their monkeys cousin 12 (That's just a man if we're going by Darwin's bingo rules isn't it?) as they get the key of the door ( Giant Plastic 18 Prop Key, or is it 21?) to go and pick up the dancing queen (17, Abba costumes) because they had their doctors orders (9, strolling physicians) to go and collect Ghandi’s breakfast (Ghandi look-a-likes hand out 80 bacon sandwiches?).

Still ironing out a few creases but we feel this one has legs (11)

Another new act in development is the human footstool. Versatile and easy to manipulate from theme to theme. Easily costumed and the perfect addition to any after event party or chill out area. This issue  with inventing new acts is creating imagery to support suggestions. Luckily we have highly skilled graphics and state of the art technology to create the look for our lovely clients!!!