Belles and Whistles: Contortion, Flapper Dancers and Freight Train at the Bloomsbury Ballroom

September 21, 2012

Having closed its doors in January, the Bloomsbury Ballroom has been reborn in style and we were lucky enough to attend the launch of the rejuvenated venue with a few of our favourite acts. With the venue’s interior receiving a fresh coat of Art Deco paint (which you’ll find on most Dulux colour charts next to ‘Gothic Revival’) to match the building’s striking exterior, we picked a handful of acts to fit with the Jazz age theme but also inject a bit of a modern twist.   

DJ Duo Freight Train on stage at the Bloomsbury BallroomsNowhere was this mix of contemporary and vintage more evident than with DJ duo Freight Train who expertly soundtracked the evening with a carefully chosen set of electro swing and jazz tinged tunes. Mixing vintage jazz samples with modern beats, Freight Train’s musical choices provided a fitting background for guests as they enjoyed a selection of themed cocktails from create and were able to take things up a notch to allow for that all important element of the Jazz Age – dancing. (More specifically, doing the whole wobbly knees dance... You know, that one.)

Vintage Dance Troupe the Beaux BellesSpeaking of dancing, our troupe of flapper girls ‘The Beaux Belles’ took to the stage, immaculately dressed in period costume with full hair and makeup, and performed a high energy dance routine to Freight Train’s music. Much charlestoning and jazz-handsing and faux surprised faces ensued because that’s how they danced back then.

Sally Draws a Crowd with her Hand Balancing ShowContortionist Sally has been busy over the summer with a steady stream of gigs stemming, no doubt, from the increased interest in gymnastics that the Olympics engendered in the British public, Sally even has a swimming themed hand balance show that we’ve written about before. But for last night’s performance, she channelled the spirit of the Cabaret clubs of the 20s and 30s in a sparkling leotard on stage at the Bloomsbury Ballroom. Her set moved from Handbalance to gymnastics and climaxed with Sally squeezing her entire body into a small Perspex box. (Which makes her easy to transport to and from gigs.)

When we suggested she take up boxing... Oh! What an awful caption pun, I can't even finish it. Canapés and bowl food came courtesy of event caterers create with Champagne from Pommery and drinks from Bourne and Hollingsworth. Other suppliers included Newman Hire, Cover it Up, Great Hire and Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart all of whom worked with the events team from Location House to make the venue look as incredible as it did.

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