Become a DJ at your Event

March 12, 2019

When it comes to booking entertainment for a party or event, planners often look to the music to ensure that everybody in attendance has a good time. Should you book a DJ or function band? If it’s the former that you are looking to go for we can certainly help with that but we have recently discovered an excellent new act that builds on that idea – Stick It On!

If you are signed up to our newsletter, you may very well have seen Stick It On mentioned because we think it takes the idea of DJing to the next level. Not only do you book a DJ for your event but many of the guests get to DJ as well without any prior experience! With Stick It On, it’s all part of the fun.

So how does it work? Thankfully it’s all quite simple and requires only a little extra effort on the part of guests to get involved. We have all been to a party or event where the DJ didn’t play your favourite track (presumably not at events where we have provided the entertainment but we digress…) and with Stick It On that problem isn’t even possible because you can play it when you get to don the headphones!

Prior to the party or event, guests will be invited to come up with a DJ name and three tracks that they would like to play for the room. After the roster of ‘guest DJs’ has been compiled, it’s time to sit back and wait for the evening to arrive. When you book Stick It On, a professional DJ will get the party started with some choice tracks that they know will fill the dancefloor, before allowing each guest in turn to take over and play their favourite songs. Love the Bee Gees? Chuck ‘em on for the people! Want to play a dodgy B-side from the B-52s? Play it!

This is quite literally every person’s chance to prove that not only can they DJ but that they have great taste in music that the crowd wants to hear. Will you fill the dancefloor? There’s only one way to find out. Stick It On really brings a new idea to the music scene of events and we think you’ll have a great time with it. Still not sure? Please feel free to watch the video below and allow it to change your mind!


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By Henry Fosdike