Beatvox @ Quality Food Awards, Grosvenor House

November 06, 2015

We really enjoy catering for different sorts of events, be they private birthday parties or important business conferences. Having said that, there’s nothing we enjoy more than something a bit different, chief amongst them being awards ceremonies. Although we often provide awards hosts and presenters to help clients get through the evening seamlessly, we also like to ensure that the guests will be entertained amongst the speeches. With this in mind, we provided Beatvox for the Quality Food Awards 2015 at Grosvenor House last night.

 Grosvenor House is situated in Park Lance, Central London, which if you remember from your old Monopoly board, is a dark blue rectangle, the second most expensive property to own. As such, it seems unlikely that awards guests would be expecting a beatboxing a cappella outfit during the evening, but that’s exactly what they got in the form of Beatvox.

 An award winning vocal ensemble featuring some of the biggest names in beatboxing and a cappella, Beatvox are a brilliant choice for a high impact and versatile stage show. Jam packed with tunes from the likes of Bruno Mars, the Beatles and yes, even James Bond, their performance is sure to make your jaw drop. No effects, no loop pedals. No backing tracks and certainly no instruments, Beatvox wowed at the Quality Food Awards 2015 last night and we can’t wait to see whom they’ll be impressing next!

If you love beatboxing and a cappella but would rather a female version, The Lips are also a must see!




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By Henry Fosdike