Beat the Brief - Details on Heat 2

June 02, 2015

Fresh from the excitement of heat 1 where Beato Burrito did Mexico proud and moved through to the final, we’re happy to announce that heat 2 will take place at Guanabara in Covent Garden on 16th June 2015.

We are yet to announce the acts but to whet your appetite, here is the brief around which the performers will have to devise their routine:

 ‘Our client is a Manufacturer of Brazilian biscuits. They have decided to launch in the UK, for the first time, their most famous biscuit bocado de surpresa- or in English a Mouthful of Surprise. This Biscuit was first made in 1965 and contains a unique mixture of coconut, lime and chocolate. It is also uniquely hexagonal in shape and wrapped in a mulicoloured foil wrapper. They are holding an event in London to launch the biscuit and want some entertainment to reflect the biscuit brand as well as vibrancy, colour and energy of Brazil itself.’

You may remember that in the first heat, the performers had to promote shoes, with each act going in a different direction from changing lyrics of a popular song, alluding to the specifications of the product in magic tricks and projecting motion graphics onto a screen behind an aerial hoop performance. A few reminders from the event are below.

 So how will the acts work around that particular brief? Hmm... The only way to find out will be to bag yourself a ticket when they’re released. We hope to see you there!


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By Henry Fosdike